The Best Elk Burger Recipe to make at home

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The juicy and best Elk Burger Recipe is available here. The burgers in which Elk meat is used are very delicious and yummy. By using the meat you can easily get an alternative to the traditional beef burger. It is best if you hunt the Elk on your own. But if you purchase it from any store then you have to make it delicious and juicy to make your elk burger recipe yummy and tasty. You can get elk in the mountains of the USA and they always travel in the form of herds. You can hunt it for making many tasty dishes including burgers. The best Elk Burger Recipe is here for you to try for once.

Why Try this Best Elk Burger Recipe?

As compared to beef, Elk meat is lean and has very low fats in it. Its meat is also very tasty and is sweeter as compared to beef. Some people and kids do not like beef burgers. But they look very excited and happy when they see Elk burgers on the menu list. It includes some important ingredients and components that are necessary for making the best elk burger in your own kitchen. 

Necessary Ingredients For Elk Burger 

There are always some ingredients that are required to make any of the best burger recipes. So for making an Elk burger you also need some important and necessary ingredients which are enlisted here:

  • Ground Elk Meat 
  • Seasonings
  • Chopped Bacon 
  • Butter / Oil 
  • Salt 
  • Pepper 
  • Paprika 
  • Garlic Powder

All these ingredients are necessary for a specific amount to make your burger tasty and well flavored. 

Ground Elk 

If you are not hunting the Elk on your own and purchasing it from any store. So it is needed to add some extra fats just to bind it together. So from stores where you will purchase the Elk meat, it is no need to add any of the extra fats in it because they have already added a small amount of beef or fats. 

But if you have to hunt your own Elk. then you have to add some or 2 tablespoons of butter or oil per pound to it. Chopped Bacon is another delicious way to add fats to the Elk Burger. 


Elk meat is itself very delicious so there is no more need when it’s seasoning the Elk meat. You just have to add simple salt, pepper, paprika, and Garlic powder. It will make your burger very yummy and tasty.

How To Make Elk Burger?

It is very easy and simple to make an elk burger on your own. There are very simple and easy instructions to follow while making a burger at home. These instructions include:

  • First of all, you have to take a large bowl and mix all the ingredients gently. 
  • Avoid overmixing because it can make the meat dough so you just have 6to mix the ingredients till all the seasoning mix and distribute evenly and very well. 
  • In the next step. You have to divide the mixed meat into four equal portions. It must be divided in such a way that every portion can make a  ½-inch-thick patty shape.
  • After that, you have to press an indention at the center of the petty. It will be helpful for giving room to the meat for maintaining the shape in which we want to cook it. This is also very useful for the patties to cook more evenly.
  • The next step is very interesting, you have to grease your pan or grill grates with the help of butter or oil. It is necessary to avoid sticking meat in a pan.  You must also use butter or oil when you are going to cook it on a grill.
  • Whether going to cook your patties in a pan or on a grill, you must keep a medium flame for heating the item to be cooked. 
  • Afterward, you have to heat the patties just for 4 minutes. Then flip it over and heat for an additional 4 minutes.
  • According to your choice and requirement, you can also add cheese in it a couple of minutes after flipping the burger.
  • While reaching a temperature of 140°F the Elk burger will be ready. You can check the temperature by using a thermometer. 
  • Indeed, at this temperature, the burger will be very yummy and juicy. 

Topping of Your Elk Burger 

When your burger gets ready then you have to make its topping. Ity will make your burger delicious and yummy. There are many possibilities for the topping of Elk Burger. 

  • You can easily top your Elk Burger with your favorite hamburger toppings. While some of the Elk Burgers aficionados say that Mustard and ketchup do not belong to this burger. However, it is really all about designing the burger that you think is delicious. 
  • As well, you can top your elk burger with caramelized onions and garlic aioli. Besides that, you can also make your burger delicious with bacon and an over-easy egg. 
  • Furthermore, it is also delicious to top your burger with Cheddar cheese, Iceberg Lettuce, red onion, sliced tomato, hatch green chilies, and even blue cheese. But it is also true that the customization options and choices are really limitless. 

Recommendations For Serving Elk Burger 

You are free to choose any of the ways you like to serve your burger. But some of the recommendations are here for you to choose any of these while you are going to serve your homemade Elk Burger. 

  • You can serve Elk Burgers paired with side dishes that you would like to serve with regular hamburgers. That includes French Fries, Chips, and Potato Salad. 
  • You can enjoy your Elk Burger with your Montana State Dinner, along with Huckleberry cheesecake and Hasselback potatoes.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to avoid elk burgers from falling apart?

The secret behind avoiding the falling part of your elk burger is that you have to press it tightly into the petty and make an indention in the center with your thumb. It will expand the burger and avoid it from falling apart.

Which type of Elk meat is used for making burgers?

Normally the meat used for making elk burgers is always delicious and juicy. It is cooked to medium doneness (140 – 145 Degree ).

Do Elk Burgers are tasty and appetizing? 

Elk burger is very tasty and delicious because its meat is also full of taste and health-friendly constituents. Its meat is tasty so it does not require much more toppings.

What will happen if meat is cooked at a high temperature?

If the meat of elk used for making burgers is cooked at a very high temperature it will be dry. So the taste of the burger will be changed because it will not be yummy and delicious.  

What type of equipment is required for making Elk burgers?

You only need a pan or stand-along grinder. Your kitchen will aid you by providing you with a grinder attachment. You can cook it on your pan or on a grill grate

How an Elk Burger can get a much better taste?

For adding and enhancing the taste of your Elk Burger you can add to it the pork fat or beef suet. It will make your burger delicate. Adding some seasonings will make your Elk Burger much sweeter. But the aroma and flavor of the burger depend upon the way it is cooked and prepared.

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