If you are such a big camping and tourist lover and every time excited about doing anything to explore something new. Don’t skip this article without knowing about the best knife for camping and hiking.

As you know, a successful camping trip depends on having the right and powerful equipment. Yes, in this article, we will talk about the most useful tool (Knife) in any outdoor activity, which you can bring it with you.

Knives are not only valuable and helpful for cutting, preparing food, cutting the cord, making repairs, but also can save your life during an emergency.

You are an expert or beginner in traveling, camping, or hiking doesn’t matter. Without keeping a knife and going out on any outdoor adventure is equal to taking a significant risk in life.

Moreover, knives are versatile and valuable even as an integral accessory in every outdoor condition and camping experience.

While, many varieties are available in knives with different materials, functions, designs, and styles. So, choose the best camping knife which covers all your needs and suits all your outdoor uses and engaging activities.

Whenever you plan for a day or week outing with friends or family, you must keep at least two different knives with you to cover your needs.

The right camping knife can help protect you from many dangerous situations in an outdoor adventure and even save your space, time, and money.

In this article, we’ll present the world’s best knives for camping and hiking, especially for you, and a features list. So that, you can make the right decision before buying the ideal knives.

Camping Knives Buying Guide and Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Knife:

Before going into depth of the best camping knife for camping and hiking detail, let’s get knowledge and tips about the knives. You need to know about many essential things and keep in mind all of them.

After reading this part of the article, we are sure that you will be able to make the right decision based on your own choice. Which are helpful for you, so don’t ignore all these key points when buying a knife for a camping adventure.

Things to Consider:

  1. Blade Size
  2. Coating Blade
  3. Blade Covering
  4. Camping Knife Set
  5. Knife’s Functionality
  6. Durable and Reliable
  7. Straight Edge Blades
  8. Folding Camping Knife
  9. Knife cover pouch or bag
  10. Fixed Blade Camping Knife
  11. Knife Length, weight, and size
  12. Tang (Half and Full-Tang Knife)
  13. Knife with multiple tools and functionality
  14. One-Handed and Assisted Opening Knife
  15. Types of Knives (Lock blade and non-lock blade)
  16. Blade Material (Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel)
  17. Blade’s Design (Strong end and Weak point of the serrated edges)
  18. Easily Handle in finger with Strong grip (Synthetic, plastic, rubber, and Wooden Handle)
  19. Knife Blade Shapes (Drop-point, Clip-point, Tanto, Needle-point, Spear-point, Sheepsfoot, and Santuko)

Best Knife For Camping And Hiking 2023 Reviews

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife for Camping

best knife for camping and hiking

Firstly, we talk in our list about the most useful KA-BAR Becker BK2 fixed blade knife with the highest popularity and fame rating.

This KA-BAR knife manufacture is designed by Ethan Becker in the USA for those people who like camping, hunting, and time spent with nature.

The companion KA-BAR Becker knife comes with a full heavy-duty field knife, versatile design, and comfortable handle. That’s why we like mostly this knife due to its strength and durability.

Its uses are ideal and perfect for splitting kindling, skinning game, cutting small trees, and chopping onions for the campfire chili, even most suitable for every camping chores and other outdoor services.

It offers comfort handling support in black Ultramid and Zytel handle that is prepared with Grivory material. Made with Zytel, material handling gives a strong grip for holding it.

A MOLLE compatible hard black nylon plastic sheath comes with this knife brand, including a nylon belt loop with a molded sheath, and its sheath is constructed in Taiwan.

It comes on its blade material side built of 1095 Cro-Van Carbon steel blade with a black durable blade coating to provide a strong strength.

Some other blade features are included during its blade’s construction, making a beautiful attraction, such as blade length 5.5 inches, blade thickness 6.35mm, compound bevel blade edge, and blade width 41.3mm.

Design and Dimension:

On the other side, if we talk about its overall design and its dimension. So, it prominent with the drop point shape, twenty-degree edge angle, complete knife’s length with ten and a half inches long; overall knife’s weight sixteen pounds, and a glass-filled nylon sheath for keeping its blade safe and sharp.

It has a low alloy carbon but gives an intense strength and wearing resistance power with chrome and vanadium carbides. The most challenging conditions have been tested to ensure and improve its quality and devastating cutting power.

Besides, its plus point is when you save the knife properly inside the sheath, it has a pressure thumb button to leave the knife on the sheath’s backside. It locks the blade into this place; that’s why it does not fall out.

And most of the important things, at last, its black finishing paint protects the blade from rusting and protects sparks from the iron. That’s why this knife’s brand got the highest favorable rating and fame.



KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Fighting Straight Knife

best knife for camping and hiking

Let’s meet one another KA-BAR’s brand that is known as the Ka-Bar USMC fighting knife.

The USMC means United States Marine Corps, so this fighting knife with a legendary blade was introduced to serve US troops during the second world war in 1898.

This Ka-Bar’s brand performs like the previous model but no more difference in both models.
The USMC fighting knife undergoes unique manufacturing processes and tests to make sure corrosion resistance, power durability and strength, edge holding ability, and an out-of-box razor sharp cutting edge.

Due to its excellent design and solid construction, it gained popularity and fame worldwide, and now it deserves to become the second-best camping knife in 2021. When we used it for the first time, we knew why people almost prefer this expensive knife brand.

Seriously, this fighting knife remains the like-able choice for men and women who like to explore something in the natural world by going out camping and hiking.

In Modern Times: 

It still offers high-quality design material for multi-purpose activities such as camping, hiking, and many more adventure activities.

Now we come to its fixed-able blade performance, and the material side is made with 1095 Cro-van carbon steel, seven straight compound bevel blade edges with twenty-degree edge angles.

This constructed seven-inch-long blade of Ka-Bar knife’s brand is very sharp in cutting and can cut anything within a second. This fighting knife is considered ideal for most camping and hiking tasks because it performs so fastly with heavy-duty tasks.

This knife comes with a durable, healthy, and protective leather sheath with five leather handles for easy to hold it designed in Mexico.

The USMC fighting knife leather sheath will never break down like its plastic counterparts. Its leather sheath always keeps this knife safe, and the blade of the KA-BAR knife will remain protective and sharp.

Besides, it offers a lifetime guarantee with the wondering features of gold plated brass guard and pommel. Its overall length is 11.875 inches.

Some of its other amazing facts, it is ideal for giving as a gift to someone special, celebrating a military anniversary event or retirement.



Victorinox Classic SD Black - Swiss Army Pocket Knife with 7 Tools


Are you looking for an all-purpose and lightweight with a multi-functionality knife?

So, don’t waste your time here and there by searching. Just take a look at this knife’s brand and read its impressive specifications.

We are pretty sure that you will get a useful Victorinox knife for your camping, hiking, and any other outdoor adventures, even in cooking. This Swiss Army Classic Knife was designed by Victorinox manufacturer in 1884, which is so small, easily carried as an essential ring accessory, and most useful in everyday human life.

Its classic series offers fully functional and outstanding performance in the home, business, and spare time use.

Undoubtedly, to face every life’s challenges, everyone needs a multi-tool in the knife shape that can perform multiple functions in one package. So, this Swiss Army Knife is not only perfect in cutting to anything but also serves as a thin blade, scissors, keyring, tweezers, toothpick, nail file, and screwdriver.

Color-Design and Dimension:

It comes in just a black color and its internal tools in silver color. If we talk about its overall knife’s dimensions, this Swiss army classic knife has a 1.3-pound weight; which is not heavier, 58mm length-wise, and 18mm width, 9mm height, so it takes very little space and uses no more extra space.

Be-friendly, you can keep it in your pocket wherever you go out for camping or hiking and any outing planned, there you can use it when you need it. This pocket knife may be used for small repairs to anything.

And it can also sharply work during any emergencies. And most of the important thing about its blade material, it has a 1.5-inch blade in which stainless steel material is used.

The used stainless steel material resists rust and corrosion. Even this material gives a protection way for this knife to perform very well in any weather condition. Its blade is washable with clean water. You can do it and dry it with wipes. Its blade material does not damage by washing it.

In its handle’s construction, plastic and aluminum are used that’s acid-resistant. This knife has become fast and healthy due to the used material, which does not feel heavy.

Most campers are engaged and attracted to this knife due to its offered multi-function in one portable tool and its color. That’s why this knife brand is mentioned in the best knife for camping and hiking 2023 list.



Morakniv Kansbol Fixed Blade Knife -Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade


Many knife brands proved themselves in the high recommendation. The Morakniv Kansbol knife also becomes most likable and comes in the best knife for camping and hiking.

The Morakniv Kansbol fixed blade knife is flexible in lightweight with 4.6 pounds and a strong strength model. It comes just in burnt orange color with marvel functionality and design.

You can take it as a perfect partner on any outdoor adventure because it is most useful in woodcutting, hunting, and at sea.

The Kansbol versatile fixed blade outdoor knife is introduced in only two available versions by the Morakniv brand of Sweden. The first version is in a Polyamide plastic sheath and leather belt loop. And the second version comes in a MOLLE multi-mount system with a sheath and some necessary accessories.

Designed with a 4.3-inch blade and a 0.1 thin blade, which is enough for carving use and high demand for outdoor activities; including a semi-matte finish for the precision offering in a profile shape.

The high-quality Swedish 12C27 stainless steel material of the Morakniv knife blade features a Scandi grind that offers outstanding edge performance, durable razor sharpness, and blade strength.

Even the knife’s scandi grind feature maintains high hardness for keeping the knife safe from slipping and has a power of corrosion resistance for a long time.

The square-ground spine of the kansbol blade at a 90-degree is mostly used as a striker with a fire starter for creating sparks that will help ignite dry grass, tinder, leaves, paper, and a gas grill or stove.

Anti-Slip Handling Feature:

Now come on to its anti-slip handling feature side, the polyamide and thermoplastic elastomer rubber material involved in its Morakniv Kansbol’s handle construction.

The anti-slip handle feature works very well in wet and cold situations, keeping under control in hand comfortably; and provides safety and durable performance for easy to carry it.

Dimension-wise designed, this Morakniv Kansbol knife brand comes with the 8.9 inches (226 mm) complete length, 4.3 inches (109 mm) blade length, and 4.7 oz (134 g) weight.



Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife in Black


Technically designed the Fallkniven A1 knife that came on the world’s standardized record by creating mind-attention to the giant knife in the A1 collection.

The Fallkniven A1 is the most famous outdoor knife, well-liked by bushcraft enthusiasts, survival enthusiasts, and hunters. This 16 cm blade’s knife is also known as a bushcraft sword in the joking sense.
Designed the knife is for multi-purposes heavy-duty uses, and more demanding tasks, and yet we know that it can work correctly in chopping anything.

The mighty blade is made with hard Laminated VG10 steel material and 160 mm length in size that will always fight against the hard stress used. The A1 edge fixed blade knife’s overall length is 280 mm and 12.8 Ounces weight.

Thanks to the ergonomic grip, you can handle it quickly and strongly, even superb in daily cutting tasks. One critical thing about the fallkniven A1 is that it comes with a convex grind.

Included the convex grind feature, which means it is so slightly curved but not flat or hollow. It’s great use is a significant cause to make the blade’s edge a lot stronger and razor-sharp.

Included Zytel sheath feature gives the best option to you to set it on your belt, pack, and even upside down. The Fallkniven A1 knife performs the equal task in the coldest and stifling heat. It is not affected by water.

Two Different Choices:

This best knife for camping and hiking comes with two choices: a Zytel sheath and a black dangler type leather sheath. So you can choose any one option, even both options.

A1 black coating with a black CeraKote facility provides an extremely tough layer made of Teflon and ceramics. This black CeraKote coat will provide vital protection to the blade from corrosion. And, this black coat may be separate from the sword that depends on you. Got this knife’s product is the highest rating by providing outstanding functionality.



Opinel Stainless Steel Folding Knives with Beechwood Handle and Virobloc Security Ring


In 1890, Joseph Opinel introduced his first pocket knife, which is beautiful and straightforward designed in France’s Savoie region for outdoorsmen and handymen.

Still, with more than 150 members as a team, Joseph is working on manufacturing the millions plus knives from outdoor to kitchen knives by giving full attention to their quality and simplicity.
The No.08 flagship size of Opinel’s knife has been set in the many showcases of the world’s museums and galleries due to its simplicity, beauty; and incredible functionality.

The compactable knife is easily fit in hand and an essential tool for outdoor adventures such as camping and hiking. Perfectly designed, the three and one over four-inch stainless steel knife’s blade with varnished beech wood handle can be used for many years for maximum sharp cutting to anything easily.

You can take a lot of benefit by using it in the garden, at the dinner table, and on your hiking or camping adventure trip. Yes, you can bring it with you in your pocket, handbag, and toolbox, so we are pretty sure you will like it.

This pocket knife has the Sandvik(R) 12C27 feature. Due to anti-corrosive specifications, it is well-known, which means there is no need to care more. It can resist corrosion and can be clean easily. All Opinel wood-handled knives cannot wash in the dishwasher, but you can wash it by hands carefully and dry it.

Two Different Locking Sections:

Used in its carbon content gives an excellent cutting edge. The VIROBLOC locking ring with two sections keeps your knife safe and locks the blade in open and close during its use. Its first section is one fixed, and the second is the sliding section for secure locking.

The Opinel folding knife comes together with five elements like the blade, wooden handle, set ferrule, rivet, and rotating VIROBLOC locking ring system.

It is available in one size but comes in many different sizes, which is so smart, simple, durable, and robust, with no slippage, full flat grind like a kitchen knife
It’s No.08 size is perfect and the most distributed of Opinel folding knives. Blade’s available length is measured 7.59 inches and 45 grams weight.

X90 high-quality carbon steel blades are also used in the Opinel’s blade version. You will like it in actual words when you choose it for your camping or hiking adventure trip. And, it also offers a lifetime guarantee and can even be replaced under manufacturing defects.




After reading the overall article; you will be able to define the best knife for camping and hiking, or any other outdoor activities. Many camping accessories are available. But, the camping and hiking knife comes on the number first in choice, and you will choose it based on your requirements and personal preferences. 

As a camper or hiker, you need the best knife as a vital tool on an outdoor adventure for self-defense, cooking, cutting to anything like wood, and more. 

So many choices are available, and you can never test them all. We bring the best way through this platform where all the famous and most useful camping knives are hereafter carefully sorting and testing. 

Many factors are available, and you need to consider them, such as blade, material, edge, handle, and many more. We already presented all these factors above, and you should keep in mind all of them when you buy any knife. 

Never compromise on the knife’s quality due to more or less than your budget because it also provides support, and strong grip as a powerful tool for your hiking. 

Hopefully, this article’s information will be proven helpful for you, and choose the best camping knife for your upcoming camping trip. 

If you are also looking at the portable flashlight with the camping knives for your outdoor hiking adventure, you need a click on the backpacking flashlight and get the information about the world’s best flashlight. 

Enjoy your camping trip, and leave a comment to share your camping experience with us! 

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