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Top 9 Best Running Insoles For Flat Feet 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Written by Oliver John

It’s a fact that people with flat feet have to struggle a little more to meet the race of life. In today’s article, we will talk about the best running insoles for flat feet 2023.

If you’re a nature person who loves to explore the world and all the beauty it holds, you better not have flat feet. Camping, hiking, running, and walking all need good stamina plus arch feet.

It’s not possible to enjoy your vacation while your feet are always in pain. You must be thinking these activities are not for flat feet, but fortunately, technology has got your back.

Now you can get insoles for added comfort and support for your feet.

The ordinary, though high-quality, boots and these shoes can’t solve your problem. Getting insoles is the only solution to save your feet from getting tired and not having those blisters with much walking.

You can get your customized insoles according to your shoe size and shape. So, you can enjoy your hiking in full swing. They’ll work as shock absorbers and will save you from killing pain.

Even if your feet aren’t flat, these insoles will reduce pain, add stability and save you from stress and fatigue after hours of hiking.

How can you choose the best running insoles for your flat feet? The market has multiple products to offer. Some are made of cushy foam, while the others are rigid and firm supportive insoles.

Here we have a list of the best running insoles for flat feet. So, you can easily decide which one suits you the best. Let’s get knowledge by looking at them one by one in detail.

Things to Consider When Buying a new insole:

  • Your Foot Arch Type
  • Insole Footbed Type
  • Insole Placement
  • Shock Absorption
  • Comfort Support
  • Insole Sizing
  • Adjustability
  • Durability
  • Material
  • Length
  • Width
  • Us

Top 9 Best Running Insoles For Flat Feet

1 Coleman Sundome Tent for Two Person
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2 Coleman Cabin 4-Person Instant Tent
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3 Coleman Elite Montana Easy to Set 8-Person Green Tent
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4 Wakeman Outdoors Camping Tent for 2 Person Blue Dome Tent
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5 Coleman Pop-Up Tent for Four Person
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6 Core Instant Cabin Tent for Nine Person
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8 Core Extended dome Tent for Nine Person
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9 Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent, White 10 * 9
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Best Running Insoles For Flat Feet Reviews

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

Sometimes the fear of getting intense pain in the feet lag people from planning trips somewhere that involves walking or hiking, but not anymore.

Physix Gear has the perfect insoles with orthotic inserts. Its arch supports give enough strength and stability for your flat feet that you can run a whole day without hurting your lower limbs or back.

It is specifically designed to provide firm arch support to balance your foot’s structure while performing robust functions. This insole’s arch support will help relieve heel pain and metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain); and help with patellofemoral syndrome (knee pain).

Let’s take a look at the material of the best running insoles for flat feet 2023 used to design this insole. We’ll see the high-quality, durable medical-grade PU material and double base layered EVA foam for an extraordinary performance.

The PU material serves as a shock absorber and spring rebound. While, the EVA foam works as a cushion for comfort and protection. Another layer of molded TPU for orthotic support with stabilizer web and 3d arch support.

And finally, a top layer of anti-odor fabric with air venting texture. Although it has multiple layers, it is an ultra-thin insole to provide excellent care for your feet to improve your performance and physical activity.

You can practically fit them in any shoes, boots, sneakers, hiking, or casual shoes to avoid muscle fatigue and enjoy hours of comfort without stressing your feet.

The ergonomically designed non-slip soles offer prolonged support for feet and enhance their posture besides providing arch support.

Pyxis gear insoles offer exceptional stability and support with semi-rigid arch support and heel cup. The non-slip sole helps to hold the insole firmly at its position throughout the day.

The ultimate design or Physix orthotics aim to provide the best support and relieve all kinds of foot or knee pain, discomfort, and injuries like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles Tendonitis Iliotibial band syndrome.

Physix Gear is not an ordinary company. It’s a name and reputation among other brands to offer the best orthotic and other foot products. You can trust them with your money.

They’ll surely add value to it. If, in any case, you don’t like this product, you can claim a refund.  And, you’ll get your money back with zero hassle or wait.

So it’s a 100% risk-free purchase. Give it a try, and we know you will not regret it. Get the utmost balance, comfort, and improved performance for both men and women with these incredible insoles.

Pedag VIVA Sports Inserts, Handmade in Germany

Flat feet are not an issue if you’re going for a casual walk or a run. But for some high space activities like hiking, running, skiing, sky boarding, or weight-bearing, you need a little extra support to avoid muscle fatigue and knee pain.

Here’s where you need to get high-quality best running insoles for flat feet to protect your feet from getting hurt.

Pedag VIVA sport inserts offer the perfect insoles to give your feet stability and strength by reducing shock and increasing your feet’ endurance. They made it with much love and care by using vegan-friendly products; and manufacturing them by hand to give the utmost experience to their customers.

The fiber used in this insole reduces the effect of shock by absorbing it in the first place. So it will not travel up to the leg and ankles, not just that semi-rigid footbed with a diagonal bridge. It has been carefully constructed to stabilize and align your bones and muscles for improved performance and activity.

It is perfect for both men and women. This product is available in different sizes to choose which fits best according to your shoe size.

On average, they last for six months if used all day and every day, but if they’re used less frequently; they can last for more than a year before you need to replace them with new ones.

These high-quality vegetable-tanned German insoles give support and fight the foul smell and odor by absorbing sweat. Specifically, they’re designed for sports or athletic needs as you need to push a little extra in these activities.

Moreover, pedag VIVA only uses natural materials like cotton, bamboo, wool, leather, carbon, sisal, aluminum, and cork and not those cheap synthetic materials to design their insoles.

These insoles are both skin-friendly and nature-friendly as only water-based solvents used to make them—also, no chemical tanning but only vegetable tanning to save your skin and core.

These insoles support the longitudinal arch and a metatarsal arch to give maximum balance for the foot as you walk. They’re also APMA approved products and can fit in any shoes.

Overall, you’ll get the maximum support, comfort, innovation, and relief from all kinds of foot problems with these insoles.

Shoe Insoles Arch Support Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis

Here’s another brand with their unique design of orthotic inserts to offer maximum support and stability for your feet and legs, so they don’t hurt anymore.

They’re not just for people who tend to go on hiking or are involved in some other heavy-duty activities. But, anyone can use them who works with hard surfaces.

These types of insoles are so firm and flexible they can fit in any shoes, be it boots, running shoes, sneakers, slippers, or whatever. They’re equally beneficial for both men and women. All you need to do is remove those insoles already in your shoes and trim the Nazaroo’s insoles according to your shoe size and let your feet enjoy the new comfort.

According to a medical-grade level, these orthotic inserts are ready to give your feet gentle relief from any usual foot pain, heel, ankle, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, or excess pronation.

The high-tech material; used to craft these insoles involves a durable EVA foam base and a multi-layer cushion. Involved multi-layer cushion is to provide maximum support to your feet while walking, running, or hiking. The premium breathable fabric gives a sense of freshness and relaxation.

An outstanding feature of these insoles is their arch support that helps distribute and minimize the foot pressure. Also, the deep heel cradle helps to maintain a vertical and firm foot position to enhance stability. Even better is the presence of built-in silicon cushions in heels for pain relief and shock absorption.

Whether you’re planning your vacation on a beach or mountains, or you’re an athlete who needs intense workout and practice; or you can be a doctor, nurse, medical professional who needs to stand for most of the time. These soles can prevent a lot of foot problems that may develop from working on hard surfaces.

Don’t wait and grab your pair of perfect insoles right now. Even if you don’t like them, you can claim your money back, and you’ll get an instant refund. So it’s a win-win situation.

WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics Supportive Running Insoles

You’re a professional whose work revolves around standing for most of the time, a runner who needs to get on that final mark. Besides, you want to feel young even if you’ve spent 50 years of your life all you need is a perfect pair of insoles to get your feet and body aligned and stable.

Walk fit is serving the purpose of providing you with the best-quality insoles customized to your shoe size and arch needs.

You can choose anyone from the low, medium, or high arch, whatever suits you best. Even better is its new feature that provides acupressure points to add comfort to your feet, ankle, hips, and back pain issues.

It is made of rubber, thermoplastic material and designed to restore your natural foot function. These are available in 11 different sizes for both men and women. This types of insoles can be adjust in any shoes like sneakers, boots, tennis shoes, flats, or regular dress shoes.

It would be best to keep taking care; you may not feel comfortable while trying them for the first time. As advised, you can wear it for 1 hour on the first day, for two hours on the second day, and then gradually increase the timing until you feel comfortable wearing them the whole day.

The whole functioning of these insoles starts from its unique bio-lock heel cup. The gel pad provides enough proper support for your heel to adjust its exact alignment. It acts as cushioning and shock absorption agent.

It’ll help to prevent any ankle twists and injuries by locking your heels in their precise position. It’ll also help to improve your body posture.

Another upgraded feature is the availability of customizable advanced cushion and shock absorption pads to provide the perfect balance and stability as you put your feet on the ground.

The unique heel cup will support your feet and arches, so you feel active and energized.

Finally, it is one of the most trusted brands regarding insoles to offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Try them and if you don’t feel right get your money back. Sounds fair enough to give it a try.

Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Running Insole

Do you want to add more to your list of most comfortable yet sturdy insoles? Timberland offers you the perfect combination of performance and innovation with its unique design and anti-fatigue technology.

The imported material OrthoLite® makes it an ultra-thin and easy-to-wear option in all kinds of boots, shoes, or leather shoes. These best running insoles for flat feet are carefully engineered with anti-fatigue technology to upgrade them to provide a maximum comfort level to its users.

The anti-fatigue technology works as a shock absorber and an energizer to return all the energy to your foot to give permanent support and comfort the whole day long.

Timberland designed their insoles not just for athletes or runners but for artisans and every other person whose work revolves around facing the hard surfaces and standing all day long.

They came up with different products such as soft-toed shoes, steel-toe boots, and leather shoes for improved performance without burdening your feet and getting those uninvited back and knee pains.

Timberland offers athletic PRO shoes for a lightweight experience and work-ready protection for their customers. Timberland PRO footwear is designed for people who deal with some rigorous work around a slippery environment.

The built-in technologies provide an ultimate comfort level like electrical hazard protection; and slip-and-oil resistant soles help maintain outstanding performance in your job hours.

Another product list includes a 6-inch work boots collection proven best for craftsmanship and a classic styling look.

They have 8-inch boots and loggers that provide not just performance but also the ultimate durability and comfort. Every feature and material used to design these boots is perfect according to its requirement to make it the best choice for every environment and work situation.

And finally, another series of leather shoes with tread patterns gives a discrete look and the best performance level for hikers.

The anti-fatigue technology comes with an inverted cone design to give an absolute support level; and the ortholite layer cushions your feet and wicks the moisture.

The Outlast top cover has an antimicrobial function besides controlling the temperature. The very dynamic yet supportive arch is contoured to adjust to almost any kind and all sizes of shoes.

We never want that to you miss out on this one.

Envelop Gel Insoles – Shoe Inserts For Running, Hiking, Walking

Do you want something different, unique in style, and supportive for the insoles to save your precious feet from getting intense fatigue?

Well, Envelop has the perfect gel insoles for you to save your day. These gel insoles are not just unique in their texture, but they offer the maximum stability and support to your heels, arch, and knees to save you from plantar fasciitis and other usual pains.

The gel insoles claim to give you all-day comfort by providing cushion support for your heels and forefoot. It gives you additional stability with a contoured, firmer gel layer that helps cradle your heels and very gently support the arches.

You’ll see a unique honeycomb texture in the forefoot and heels area. These honeycomb inserts will effectively reduce the pressure and fatigue on your feet by absorbing the impact of each step you take.

The ergonomically designed honeycomb texture is perfectly contoured to your feet with a neutral arch to support almost every kind of arch from medium to high.

The gel insoles will practically fit any shoes due to their versatile design. It can be easily trimmed to customize them according to your shoe size.

The gel texture is so smooth and grabbing as it can fit your shoes, so firm to avoid slipping. This quality can overrun any other trait by providing you the utmost stability and support.

For people who have to spend most of their day on their feet, these gel insoles are more than perfect for relieving and saving them from the pressure that can appear due to spurs, cons, or neuroma.

The material used to manufacture these high-quality insoles is silicon gel, which adds to their resilience, durability, and wearability. It will help maintain their shape and save them from flattening.

There are fewer chances to replace them now and then like some other orthotics that get flatten over time with their extensive usage. You can wear these gel insoles for long enough until you feel a need to get new ones.

Also, they offer a 60-day guarantee so you can purchase with total confidence.

Thin Arch Support Shoe Orthotic Inserts, Powerstep, SlimTech ¾ Length

Feel comfortable whatever you choose to wear, be it your clothes or shoes.

But what about the soaring pain in your feet or ankles even after wearing those top-class high-quality boots or shoes that still can’t handle soothing your feet?

It would help if you direly had something to relieve pressure on your feet to make yourself comfortable and enhance your performance.

The ultimate solution to your needs is to go for shoe inserts, i.e.; insoles, and Powerstep is offering you perfectly designed high-quality shoe insoles to get rid of all kinds of foot problems and pains.

These best running insoles for flat feet are ready in the USA with outclass TPE fabric material to offer medical-grade and robust support to your feet. It is calibrated with just-right flexibility for both men and women in different sizes, so nothing can stop their way to prove themselves.

These Powerstep insoles are uniquely designed with a bilayer style, and this Slimtech 3/4 length orthotic has semi-rigid arch support to give firm and flexible support for your feet.

A heel cradle is perfect for providing the ultimate stability. Not just that, its variable cushioning technology offers targeted cushioning support to give a soft and gentle feel.

Its top fabric has some antimicrobial properties that reduce friction and heat to give your feet a cool, protected, and comfortable touch. Its ultra-thin design with flexible but rigid plastic arch support; that has tapered edges can fit in almost all the shoes, and that’s its huge plus point.

You can quickly get to go with these insoles as their ¾ length allows them to adjust on top of any shoe inserts. And its non-slip pad at the heel position will make sure to hold the orthotic firmly at its place. So, it doesn’t move and make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

Ideally, both men and women can benefit from these insoles as they provide the perfect support for their feet, and size is not an issue for them.

Get these insoles right away to get rid of Plantar fasciitis, excess pronation, or any other feet/arch pain. If you’re planning to give insoles a try, these are worth spending money on.

Jobsite Gel Work Insoles -Trim to Fit

Your feet are the essential body part that needs extensive care when maintaining their health.

The very uncommon pains that start from your feet can grow so big as to hurt your back. Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why these best running insoles for flat feet are here to protect you from developing unnecessary knee/ankle pains.

Jobsite gel work insoles are a perfect choice for people who’ve to work on their feet for most of their time.

Foot odor is the last thing you want to smell when you come to your home while spending a tiring day at the workplace. These Jobsite gel insoles are made of revolutionary AEGIS microbe shield technology so no odor-causing bacteria or fungi can grow on your feet.

At the same time, they remain covered all day long. These microbes can develop due to constant and extensive insole wearing or other footwear. So, this technology will stop the growth of odor-causing microbes without crossing your skin barriers.

It is also known as energizing memory comfort insoles as they bring freshness and activeness to your performance with their unique rebounding properties. They can mold according to your feet movements.

The perfect arch support of these insoles will help reduce arch/ankle pain or fatigue caused by collapsed arches and flat feet. Moreover, they can prevent pronation by holding your heel to perfect alignment with their unique heel holding cup.

The double-layer design gives it the maximum strength to support your feet and save you from lower body fatigue or other ankle/knee problems.

The top layer’s high-quality knit fabric works by reducing friction, optimal heat displacement, and wicking the moisture. The polyurethane foam structure provides rebound, cushioned, and insulating properties to enhance balance and support.

Another polyurethane gel band absorbs superior bound properties and also works as a weight-bearing pressure agent.

Now you can quickly get rid of that nasty odor with these unique insoles that also offer one-size trim replacement to adjust them to your desired size range.

Superfeet Trailblazer Comfort Running Insoles For Carbon Fiber Orthotic Support

The final product on our list of best running insoles for flat feet is these fantastic super feet trailblazer comfort insoles to provide the ultimate comfort and performance.

You can indeed depend on these insoles if you need to cover a long hiking track or you have to spend hours on your feet.

Ideally, these insoles are designed for people who don’t want to bear intense foot pain or any hotspots or blisters because of their need to stand for most of the time.

Though costly ones, the usual shoes don’t have insoles of that quality to save you from getting fatigued. It would help if you had high-quality insoles to solve this problem, and these insoles with carbon fiber orthotics can surely do the job for you. Please put them in your boots and save your feet from getting intense foot pain or shin splints.

If we take a detailed look, we can see it with much care for maximum support and stability for any arch height. Its deep heel cup is ideal for holding the feet firmly in their position so it won’t slip and also save your toes from hitting the front of boots on uneven ground.

Your feet will feel so secure with these insoles you’ll feel like walking in the air as they’ll minimize fatigue and reduce shifts that are the main reasons to cause blisters and hotspots.

The very soothing touch with these insoles comes due to Heel Impact Technology POD in the heel area that helps to disperse the impact of ascents and descents to give you the feel of perfect cushioning for your feet.

Another unique feature is the use of shock-absorbing aerospring ascent dual comfort foam to provide you the utmost comfort even on rough trails.

If we talk about its durability, it is designed to deliver reliable results for 12 months or give you comfort for 500 miles without dispersing its shape.

The odor control moisture wick is the best feature to avoid any odor with long-lasting effects.

It’s not gender-specific, so both men and women can use them without any issue. Go and check out now.


We understand that people with flat feet have to keep many things in mind before making their life choices if they want to be a runner, be a hiker, or spend most of the hours on their feet.

Getting tired or developing intense foot pain and blisters is quite normal for anyone especially for runners or hikers and it can become painful too.

Getting the insoles is the only solution for people with flat feet. Now come the question how are they going to choose the best insoles?

If someone has a different range arch, such as a low, medium, or high, they need to get the perfect sized insoles.

Here you can see in the above list of the best running insoles for flat feet 2023 in every range and size so you can choose the best according to your feet size and arch.

We spent hours searching the internet to get you the best insoles to solve all of your feet problems.

Physix Gear sport offers one of the best running insoles, and WalkFit platinum got the second position on our list of best insoles.

Please go and check out all of them now. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect insoles for your feet here.

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