Are you looking for the best smoker grill combo 2023 for the backyard BBQ? This is the perfect site to get information. Smokers require more labor and love as it features a slow process of cooking meat. The tender meat prepared by it is deliciously infused with smoky flavors. On the other hand, the grill is fast cookware that enables one to have a spur of the moment to prepare a meal for the family. Both of them are equally enjoyable and valuable. It is the need for every house’s backyard and cuisine to have a savory meal or BBQ.

To have both a grill and smoker need space and high expense. What if you get a combo of both? Yes, surely you can get it. These combo appliances are available now, and one of the most appealing cookware to add flavors to your meal. It saves both money and space. Furthermore, it allows you to experience versatile meals you like to eat. There is a vast variety of these appliances available that are offered by different brands. From beginners to professional cooking, these are equally helpful and efficient.

Among the huge rush, the Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 wood pellet grill is high-end due to its multiple functionalities and quite expensive price. The versatile functionality of this appliance often dominates the expensive price and is the main reason for high customers demand. Further, if you don’t cross the budget then Char-Broil 12201570-A1 is the cheapest option for you with the ideal functionality.

With this, we have selected and enlisted the top high-quality 2-in-1 smoker and grill appliance to make your selection easy. These are all selected based on their versatility, premium quality, durability, ease of use, price range, and results. Scroll down and keep reading to get a deep inside look at each product. It will be helpful and a perfect guide for you.

What to Consider Before Buying a Best Smoker Grill Combo 2023:

There are a massive number of things you need to know before purchasing the best smoker grill combo. If you have no idea or knowledge of what to consider and how to choose the best smoker and grill combo, it may be a difficult challenge for you.

But here, you no need to worry because through this platform, we are discussing all the essential factors that are presented below, and you should look at all of them even before buying a smoker grill combo.

Through this buying guide, we hope you make the right decision which one is best for you in which all these features are available and be able to cover your all needs.

Need to know all these key factors that are presented below

  • Fuel Source (Gas, Charcoal/Propane, Wood, Pellet Smoker/Side Smoker)
  • Cooking Grates (Cast iron, Porcelain-coated, Stainless steel)
  • Digital Temperature Control and Stability
  • Build Quality Material and Durability
  • Cooking Surface and Grilling Area
  • Insulation and Construction
  • Performance and Warranty
  • Dimensions and Weight
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Spring-Assisted Hood
  • Hybrid Combo Grills
  • Burners and Heat
  • Technology Type
  • Price and Value
  • Storage Space 
  • Thermometer

Top 7 Best Smoker Grill Combo

1best Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal smoker Grill comboWeber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill
2best 6 in 1 Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker, Auto Temperature Control BBQ Grill combo6 in 1 Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020 Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker, Auto Temperature Control BBQ Grill
3best Char-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet Offset Smoker grill comboChar-Broil 12201570-A1 American Gourmet Offset Smoker
4best Char-Broil The Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Smoker grill comboChar-Broil The Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill
5best Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Charcoal Smoker grill comboChar-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill
6best Royal Gourmet 30 BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker for Outdoor Camping, Black CC1830S Model Smoker grill comboRoyal Gourmet 30 BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker for Outdoor Camping, Black CC1830S Model
7best Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker and Smoker grill comboDyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker and Grill

Best Smoker Grill Combo Reviews

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

best smoker grill combo

Introduced by Weber, the premium grill cattle is the prime selection for charcoal grilling. The excellent kettle is not only efficient for grilling but can be used as a smoker. Its pro features and the precision heat control system make it ideal. Furthermore, among the various sizes of the kettle, the 22 inches is the perfect classic grill choice.

The porcelain-enameled premium charcoal grill is primarily important because of its dual functionality. With the grill, it can be used for smoking by just doing a simple variation. The working of appliances either use a grill or smoker depends on how you put charcoal. From beginners to Pro, this combo cookware is equally suitable and easy to use. Its features support both indoor and outdoor use.

It has the capacity to grill up to 13 burgers at a time. So, it is ideal for friends get-together and family gathering. The 22-inch classic size supports the large capacity. With this, it features a built-in lid thermometer and aluminum dampers. The adjustment of aluminum dampers helps to control the temperature without lifting the kettle lid. Further, the cooking grate is hinged to make it easy to put charcoal.

No worry about using the kettle at different places because it features less weight and foot wheels. These allow it to carry easily from one place to another. So, it is acceptable for outdoor use. The attached hooks play an essential role as they allow for hanging spatula and lid while cooking outdoors.

The most incredible thing is its one-touch cleaning technology. This cleaning technology enables a hassle-free removal of charcoal ash and remaining debris by sipping them into an ash catcher.

If you plan to get the combo smoker grill for versatile use, either outdoor or indoor, then it is the ultimate kettle. Its large capacity allows preparing the meal for many people. Furthermore, the premium kettle is budget-friendly and durable. The enameled porcelain and aluminum dampers never rust and last for a more extended period.



GRILLS ZPG-450A Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

best smoker grill combo

Are you one of those that don’t like charcoal or gas smoking? So, no worry, we have also come up with the wood pellet smoker grill combo. This grill neither uses charcoal or gas. Besides this, it uses wood as fuel. The built-in pellet grill technology allows enjoying the wood flavor smoked meal. One of the exciting things about this cookware is that it is not just a combo but an 8-in-1 kettle. This feature enables you to cook versatile meals.

The best-known beginner and easy-to-use versatile grill are the Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020. Once you set the temperature, its built-in temperature system keeps it the same. No need to sit around the grill while preparing food, and no labor is required. Its 15 lbs. large capacity hopper allows long cooking time by removing the hassle to refill the hopper constantly. Just start up and keep working with other tasks after the required cooking time. Open the lid and take off your deliciously grilled or smoked meal.

With the 180° to 450° F temperature range, it features versatility for cooking multiple items. These include smoking, baking, grilling, roasting, BBQ, braise, sear, and chargrill. Featuring the 452 square inch cooking space, it is perfect for small families or household use. No worry about the rusting of the grill body because it comes with sturdy steel construction. This steel material has the finish of a high-temperature powder coating that restricts rust formation.

Further quality is assured by the three years warranty that also comes with it. Last and the most important thing is that it provides a super delicious wood smoking taste in meals that retain for hours.

Do you want to get a household that uses versatile grill appliances as a beginner? It is a high-end selection for you because of its price range and premium features. The easy-to-use technology, temperature maintaining system, 8-in-1 cooking feature, and durability are the critical factors for its high user demand.



Char-Broil American Gourmet Offset Smoker

best smoker grill combo

Manufactured and introduced by Char-Broil, this 12201570-A1 is an entry-level smoker that is the cheapest option for getting a combo smoker grill. It is effortless to assemble and use. So, a perfect choice for beginners’ use or everyday household cooking. Furthermore, its ideal surface area is suitable to cook for family and friends get-togethers.

The American Offset smoker grill combo enables you to get smoking and cooking slow and low. It is portable and easy to use. The relatively small weight and foot wheels allow it to carry easily and make it portable. With this, its construction is durable and rust-resistant. A thin steel material coating is used to avoid exterior rusting. While the grill grate comes with porcelain enamel that helps to prevent sticking of the cooking material.

The smoker features cool-touch handles and a side shelf for placing sauces, utensils, and rubs for convenience use. The best are offset firebox, temperature gauge, vertical smokestack pipe, and adjustable dampers, among its pro features. The offset firebox helps to stoke the flame with no heat loss, and the temperature gauge enables quick reading. Hence, you can monitor the internal temperature. Furthermore, the multiple adjustable dampers allow airflow adjustment that ultimately controls the heat inside the cooking chamber.

This efficient yet small-sized smoker has a 290 square inches main cooking chamber. In this surface area, you can prepare 18 burgers at once. With this, the Char-Broil 12201570-A1 has a 140 square inches grill in the firebox. Hence, it is ideal for household get-togethers as well as outdoor friends’ picnics.

If you are looking for the ideal smoker grill on a friendly budget, don’t look further. This Char-Broil model is a suitable option for you. Also, it is convenient to use and durable. Its steel coating makes it rust-resistant and enables it to last longer. Moreover, its portable feature will allow you to enjoy delicious outdoor cooking.



Char-Broil The Big Easy Smoker Roaster & Grill

best smoker grill combo

One of the best-known Char-Broil, the big easy smoker roaster, and grill, is a package of 3-in-1. It is all in one BBQ grill that can perform grilling, roasting, and smoking. So, it provides multiple options for versatile meal preparation. Another innovative feature of this grill is its built-in TRU-infrared technology.

The 3-in-1 grill features less weight that is just 22.68 pounds, and is portable. Its dimensions are 23.1 x 23.4 x 36.2 inches. With the 1200 square inch cooking surface area, it has the capacity to accommodate the large meat pieces up to 21 pounds. So, you can prepare a variety of meat such as smoked, grilled, roasted, and crispy meat for large family gatherings.

This versatile grill needs to assemble its parts before cooking. These parts include roasting and smoking basket, cooking chamber, basket lift hook, hose with regulator, grease tray, metal thermometer, smoker box, and product guide.

There is no expertise required to use it. First, connect the grill with the propane tank. Place the cooking material in the relevant chamber, turn it on, and adjust the temperature. The built-in TRU infrared technology lets the heat be distributed equally. In return, the food cooks evenly with no flare-ups. Its porcelain-coated lid locks the heat inside the cooking chamber and cooks perfectly.

Furthermore, the stainless steel construction makes it rust-resistant and durable. Now there is no worry about planning the delicious dishes for the next BBQ party with friends and family. It is ideal to have for versatile use on a relatively inexpensive budget.

With the TRU infrared technology and large surface area of the smoker chamber, it is high-powered cooking equipment. One can prepare a versatile variety of meat by using it. The important thing is that it can easily be used by a beginner with its easy-to-use technology. Furthermore, it is pretty durable and portable. So, it can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



Char-Griller E16620 Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill


E16620 Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill is the ultimate high-performance smoker grill combo. It uses charcoal as a fuel source and features a large surface area for cooking. The 22 gauge steel construction is durable and triple layering enables heat to retain inside. Furthermore, it is durable and portable with two-foot wheels.

Are you looking for the deluxe grill for versatile cooking use and want it to be easily portable? The E16620 Akorn Kamado Charcoal Grill is the best solution. Its cooking surface is manufactured by cast iron while 22 gauge steel is used for its heavy-duty construction. The porcelain-enameled inner finish makes it easy to clean and lasts longer.

With the dimensions of 26.6 x 24.8 x 21.65 inches, this grill has a weight of ninety pounds. The total of 447 square inches of the cooking surface area is perfect to prepare for a large family or friends meal. Inside the cooking chamber, the temperature range is 200 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the insulated material locks the heat and retains high temperature. So, low fuel requires as well as less airflow.

There are two adjustable dampers that come with the grill. Their function is to maintain airflow and hence control heat. Moreover, its cleaning is also easy. The dump ash pan allows the quick and easy removal of debris and cleans up in no time. For outdoor use, its shelves play an important role. The two easy-to-access convenient foldable shelves allow placing some little cooking accessories. You can fold them when these are not in use.

Do you want to get the charcoal fuel-operated grill on a relatively inexpensive budget with pro features? Do not search more, This one is perfect for you. Its long-lasting durability with efficient functioning is the prime reason for users’ satisfaction. With this, the efficient temperature system makes deliciously smoked and grilled meat. Furthermore, the portability features allow it to be used outdoors.



Royal Gourmet 30 BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker


If we talk about the perfect offset smoker and joyful BBQ grill for get-together parties or outdoor camping, the Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill comes in the list of the world’s top best smoker grill combo 2023. The new innovative Royal Gourmet grill is not only for professional use but also for changing your lifestyle wherever you have a plan for outside going with family or friends for great gatherings during meal preparation.

The fantastic grilling set comes with an incredible package, including one gourmet 30 BBQ Charcoal Grill and 183 square inches Offset Smoker. With the combination of charcoal grill and smoker, it offers dual ways for BBQ and experience of grilling and smoking meals so you can enjoy both activities at the current time.

Reliable quality and portable cooking set just in affordable value are such a marvel package that you can save your money and fulfill your need when you make food during camping or outing. Four hundred thirty-eight square inches Porcelain-Coated cooking grates into adjustable cooking heat become easy to use charcoal without removing whole grates.

Two different levels of rising or low with charcoal pan lifting scald-proof handle allow for better charcoal and grilling the meal. 2-in-1 control features included in this offset smoker you can use a side door to clean out ash easily or add charcoal and even use a slide air vent away to stroke fire if you need it.

It has a spring handle that protects your hands from heating and two durable wheels designed for easy to move around from place to place. According to dimension wise 55.1 H* 48.4 W* 27.2 L, this royal gourmet grill is designed and its cooking area is 800 sq. in, 179 sq. in chrome-plated warming rack, main chamber 438 sq. in and side box for charcoal grilling or smoking 183 sq. in.

Furthermore, this affordable, versatile, and compact designed appliance comes with hanging hooks for hanging and storing more accessories. You can use it not only for better cooking a smoky flavor, but also you can use it as a roaster to prepare corn or vegetable for family and friends on any camping trip.



Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker and Grill


This best smoker grill combo is introduced by Dyna-Glo brand in black color with 124.3 pounds weight. Dyna-Glo has the capacity to prepare delicious food for you and your family or friends by using just charcoal fuel-type. Highly recommended, the great smoker grill provides multiple functionalities, so it has become easy to use and control with affordable cost value.

Vertically charcoal offset smoker is designed according to this dimension-wise 45.5 L * 24.9 W * 58.8 H inches and entirely its cooking area is 1382 square inches. Cool-touch spring handle, charcoal grate, and ash pan features provide secure and easy access to food, fuel, and quick out to ash.

This BBQ machine comes with five chrome-plated cooking grates, and for more cooking flexibility, it has pre-installed sausage hooks. With the well-made steel smoker body construction, you can cook tasty meat low and slow.

Furthermore, You can use the offset smoker for grilling and food on different heat temperature levels. Both smoker and offset cooking grates feature a reliable way for more heat transfer. The Grill zone and Smoke zone are professional gauge features, and these fantastic features indicate an ideal cooking temperature that enhances the smoking flavor.

This heavy-duty vertical charcoal offset smoker and grill has become the best smoker grill due to providing incredible features. With the combination of smoker and grilling, it allows easy to use, heat controlling facilities. You can move it quickly from place to place when you plan for outdoor adventures like camping.




As you know, the best smoker grill combo 2023 depends on your choice for outdoor kitchen activities. Finally, we collected the world’s best top 7 smoker grill combos after a massive search for you that will make your outdoor adventure excellent and enhance the beauty of memorable moments with outdoor kitchens.

This article, presented above guiding support and complete information about famous and most helpful smoker grills, will cover everything you need to know. Right now, you have multiple options to choose one of the best appliances with incredible features according to your requirements and situation.

If you are a beginner and feel a little bit of confusion in the selection, don’t waste your time on more thinking. Because just for you we highlighted the two most useful kitchen appliances for camping.

The first one is the Z GRILL ZPG-450A 2020 wood pellet grill. This smoker grill is famous for offering multiple functionalities in one package that it became on the highest user’s demand and the second smoker grill combo is the Char-Broil 12201570-A1. Almost all customers choose it due to its affordable price range, but it also provides super functionality.

Besides, you can select any smoker grill combo from our list of recommendations explained above in depth.

If you are looking for a side-by-side portable gas grill for camping, we have already prepared an informative article just for you. It would be best if you had a click on the portable gas grill and get to know about best gas grills to cook food.

Have you any questions? Leave a message or share your experience in the comment box. We’d like to hear you.

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