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10 Best Vertical Pellet Smoker 2023- Vertical Smoker

Written by George Arthur

Do you want to advance your barbequing skills and look for the best cooking experience? Best Vertical Pellet Smokers 2023 can take your outdoor cooking to the next level due to their higher and efficient performance.

The pellet smoker is a cooking device that can cook your food at low temperatures using wood or charcoal smoke with an authentic woody flavor. There are two types of pellet smokers according to their shapes: vertical smokers and horizontal smokers that are available in the market. This guide will throw light on different types of vertical smokers.

When you want to hunt for a vertical pellet smoker, you should keep in your mind the key factors like size, temperature control, cooking areas, additional material, and excellent results. The size of the pellet smoker mostly tends to be large enough, and they offer maximum cooking areas in this category.

Vertical smokers give tremendous versatility in cooking different kinds of cuts and meat for your backyard parties and patios. They have a thermostat that monitors and automatically maintains the required temperature inside the cooking chamber. Its Vertical configuring shape allows the smoke to rise into the meat evenly.

These smokers are programs with an auto-start igniter that helps to turn on and off it automatically. The pellet smokers can cook at a wide range of temperatures and sustain consistent heat at high (450 Fahrenheit) and low (150 Fahrenheit) levels.

Many pellet smokers have hoppers that can hold a large number of pellets for prolonged smoking sessions. These hoppers automatically load fuel into the digitally controlled auger. Pellet smokers can get enthusiasts and beginners’ feet wet in the BBQ activity.

In this article, you will learn about different categories of vertical pellet smoker and their working. With the help of this guide, you can choose the best vertical smoker that is a perfect fit for your use case scenario.

Top 10 Best Vertical Pellet Smoker

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# Preview Product Rating
Masterbuilt Outdoor 30-Inch Digital Electric Smoker In Black View on Amazon
Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Smoke View on Amazon
Masterbuilt MB20070210 Black Smoker with 3 Smoking Racks View on Amazon
Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP 36” LP Gas Smoker in Vertical View on Amazon
Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24” Vertical Smoker View on Amazon
77435 LP Gas Smoker PIT BOSS Analog View on Amazon
77220 PIT BOSS Vertical LP Gas Red Smoker View on Amazon
PBV3P1 PIT BOSS Vertical Pellet Smoker In Copper Color View on Amazon
MB20051316 Masterbuilt Propane 40 Inches Smoker With Thermostat Control View on Amazon
77550 Pit Boss Pellet Smoker Grill View on Amazon

Best Vertical Pellet Smoker Reviews

Master built Outdoor 30-Inch Digital Electric Smoker



Are you looking for a Best Vertical Pellet Smoker 2023 that can offer you a large cooking area and can add more flavor to your meat for your backyard parties? Masterbuilt 30-Inches Electric Smoker is a perfect beneficial choice that can meet your reasonably sized BBQ party requirements. It is simple to use and reliable.

This versatile smoker can smoke delicious ribs, chickens, pulled beef sandwiches, brisket, jalapeno poppers, and much more perfectly.

It has 730 inches of cooking space and four chrome-coated racks that can smoke 80 pounds of food. These racks provide a large enough area to cook up to six chickens, two turkeys, four racks of ribs, and four pork butts. Two probe thermometers monitor the internal temperature.

This excellent constructed vertical smoker with a maximum temperature setting of 275′ Fahrenheit; gives you a wide range of versatile cooking options. Digital Panel control allows you to set to savor. You can easily set a total cooking time and can set out your preferred smoking temperature. It also turns on and off the smoker.

Its patented side wood chunks loader permits you to add wood chips without opening the door. This wood chips tray slides out easily and allows you to remove ash. Digital black smoker has an air damper that controls the heat. A fully insulated body with electric heat offers you to smoke flavor-some meat any time of the year.

Its heavyweight Polyurethane -coated cover is weather-resistant, fade-resistant, resists cracking in the cold weather, and protects your smoker year around. This well-built smoker features a water tray that retains moisture throughout the cooking process.

Through the integrated thermostat temperature control, ensure an even and consistent spread of heat in the cooking chambers of this vertical smoker. A sturdy side handles and four wheels with lockable casters make its movement easier.


  • Provides Power On/Off Facility with Timer
  • Strong and Durable Constructed


  • During A Power Outage, It Does Not Allow To Use.
  • Can’t Be Used In The Rain

Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Smoke

best vertical pellet smoker


Do you want to take your outdoor cooking to the next level of flavor? With such a high-performance Dyna-Glo best Vertical Smoker, you will love to smoke in your backyard: whether it is rainning, shinning, or snowing. This stunning Dyna-Glo smoker gives the professional smoke flavor to your steaks, ribs, and chicken. Its Vertical design lends itself to naturally rising heat that gives you an honestly distinct smoke flavor.

Offset charcoal smoker keeps direct heat away from food and cooks your food at slow and even heat. Its adjustable smokestack and side dampers work together to improve airflow and transfer of heat in the primary cooking chamber.

This pellet smoker has six height-adjustable cooking grates. These grates give you a generous 784 square inches of smoking area and 1175 square inches of total cooking space. You can cook a variety of food with 25 pounds capacity per grate at the same time.

The pellet smoker has a built-in stainless “Smoke Zone” that indicates absolute temperature for infusing smoky flavor. The Dyna-Glo Offset smoker has dual doors developed for easy access to food and wood chips and to minimize the reduction in the temperature while smoking.

Temperature gauge with a simple way of reading helps to achieve perfectly smoked food. There is a steel smoke stack with adjustable flue for fine-tuning and temperature control for perfect cooking. There is a porcelain-enameled steel charcoal chamber in this vertical smoker that keeps briquettes stacked tightly to improve the maximum burning efficiency.

Its 15,000 BTU Heavy Duty Cast Iron Burner with electric plus ignition system provides quick and reliable ignition. The charcoal and ash management system of this smoker comes with the charcoal chamber, grate, sliding and removable steel ash pan.

This ash pan is specially designed to hold an amount of ash for hours. Its body is powder-coated paint finishing that serves as a protective coat against rust and corrosion.


  • Removable Ash Pan & Firebox
  • Use it With Charcoal Fuel Type


  • No Longer Warranty Time

Masterbuilt Black Smoker with 3 Smoking Racks

best vertical pellet smoker


Are you tired of those same old foods and want to get rid of these recipes? Then try something new which could make your food worthy. The latest cooking technology brought electric smokers into your life that offers you to cook flavorful food in an easy and decidedly cleaner way. Masterbuilt vertical electric smoker suits your needs.

It will make your life easier, and you will enjoy delicious smoky meat without compromising the taste. The 30-inches electric smokehouse provides 547.8 square inches of cooking area with a temperature range of 100 Fahrenheit to 400 Fahrenheit. Its three chrome-smoking racks can hold three chickens, two turkeys, three ribs, and three pork butts.

This electric smoker is specially designed to enhance your smoking and frying experience. Masterbuilt innovative is a world no one indoor three-in-one pellet smoker can fry, steam, and boil. Its variable thermostat temperature control has made smoking hassle-free. The smoker has a built-in thermometer that cooks food at the right temperature and prevents the meat from overcooking.

1500 watt heat element provides even and consistent smoking. There is a wood chunks tray and water pan in the Masterbuilt vertical smoker that helps in cooking juicy and rich smoke flavor meat. You can easily slide out the tray to remove the ash. The electric smoker has a grease tray that catches excess food drippings so that the smoker remains clean.

Its adjustable air damper heats the smoker as well as controls the inside heat. The analog temperature controller is flexible with operating modes and time range that help you set your required temperature. It has a durable polyurethane-coated cover for the protection of the smoker from the elements year-round.


  • Removable Chrome Racks
  • Easy to Move & Use


  • No Accurate Temperature Gauge
  • No Window & No Side Door

Dyna-Glo 36” LP Gas Smoker in Vertical

best vertical pellet smoker


Whatever season, a good-quality gas smoker can help you cook some of the tastiest yet healthiest dishes ever. This best vertical smoker adds sought-after smokiness to your meat and makes your BBQ delicious. Use a Dyna-Glo gas smoker for creating the perfect meal, and you will earn quite an appreciation.

This easy to use, Dyna-Glo smoker has a 15,000 BTU cast iron burner that starts with an electric push-button ignition that emits quick and easy lighting for a rapid pulse. This burner helps to maintain a constant temperature for reliable cooking performance in cold or warm weather.

Its cooking steel wire racks can be adjusted at four different heights and provide 784 square inches of spacious area. There is heavy gauge porcelain enameled steel coated large capacity water bowl and wood chip box in the 36” vertical smoker that can smoke for hours maintenance-free cooking for better infused smoke flavor.

The temperature gauge has a smoke zone that specifies the perfect temperatures in the vertical smoker for infusing smoke flavor. You can raise or lower these grates to accommodate up to 25 pounds of food per grate. Dyna-Glo pellet smoker has a two-door design quality that can minimize heat loss when access to the upper and lower chambers for food, water, and woods is required.

It has a porcelain-coated water bowl that helps cook tender and juicy meat with maximum smoke flavor and minimizes the heat loss due to evaporation. This LP gas vertical smoker is reliable with one year of a comprehensive warranty. For more protection of your pellet smoker, use a Dyna-Glo premium cover. It has an adjustable top and side damper that can be open and close for customizing temperature and flavor control.


  • Comes With 4 Adjustable Grates
  • Available More Space


  • Temperature Performance is Not Good
  • Low Build Quality

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24” Vertical Smoker

best vertical pellet smoker


As you know, Cuisine is an essential part of our lives, and cooking with a vertical gas smoker will be the most fun it can ever be. When you cook your outdoor food with a Camp Chef gas smoker, it is the way to make it enjoyable. This smoker allows you to add flavors to your meat, poultry, fish and make completely innovative dishes.

Smoke Vault 24” matchless snap-ignition system locks the delicious smoky flavor of different wood into your meat. Camp Chef can make your barbequing parties memorable due to its versatility, durability, and portability.

It offers you a range of temperatures to cook your food. It can reach as low as 160 degrees Fahrenheit for steaks or salmon and up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for baking bread or casseroles. The Vault smoker has a fully adjustable heat control dial and a door thermometer that allow you to control the smoker’s internal temperature during the whole cooking process.

Using its two cooking grids and one jerk rack, You can cook at once a variety of food like ribs, a whole turkey, and even a baked pie. A heavy-gauge steel wood chunks tray produces smoke, and the removable water pan infuses smoky flavor into the food and makes it tooth-some.

With its three damper valves, one on the top and one on each side, you can cook your food at low and slow heat. This black vertical smoker provides you complete control of maximum heat because its burner drum is protected. This gas smoker offers one year of limited warranty for its users.


  • Convertible into Natural Gas Smoker
  • Versatile & Great Doors Quality
  • Easy Set-Up


  • Thermometer Performance is Not Accurate
  • Low-Smoky Flavor

LP Gas Smoker PIT BOSS Analog

best vertical pellet smoker


Fantastic build quality and easy to use, Pit Boss 77435 pellet smoker offers you to be the BOSS of your BBQ. The Best electric smoker with a double-walled insulated cabinet is redefining the smoker industry in your backyard BBQ parties. This best vertical smoker is built with the set and forgets its design.

With a door thermometer, analog meat thermometer, and adjustable air damper, it simply offers you to smoke your favorite meat, pizzas, and vegetables conveniently. This electric vertical smoker provides 593 square inches or 2,2 cubic feet sufficient space with three porcelain coated cooking grids.

With an electric wood smoker, you can smoke your food with a minimum temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and at a maximum temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can easily set the cooking temperature with built-in control and a programmable digital thermostat.

A huge plus point of this smoker is that you can easily monitor the food through the window, and you have no need to sneak peek by opening the door and releasing its heat. This window provides maximum visibility because it spans almost the entire front door of the smoker.

It is easy to infuse flavor into the smoker with an oversized front load wood chips tray. And it can cook your food for up to two hours per load. Pit Boss smoker has a hopper that can hold forty pounds of wood pellets and provide fuel for 24 hours of smoking or more.

The vertical smoker with a stylish blue semi-gloss finishing has two rear wheels and a handle for movement. Its grease tray catches the grease and drips from the food that you are smoking on the grill. There is a porcelain-coated water pan in the pellet smoker that helps stabilize the cooking temperature of the pellet smoker and keeps the surface of the meat moist.


  • Heats with 12500 BTU Output Quickly
  • Well-Constructed and Durable
  • Temperature Controllable


  • Its Burner Can’t be adjusted separately
  • Not Provide Good Customer Service

PIT BOSS Vertical LP Gas Red Smoker



Change in anything can be fun in your life. But when it comes to food, it can be deliciously much better than everything you have eaten so far. You will be able to cook recipes in a completely different and tasty way with a PIT BOSS best vertical pellet smoker. Its dashing red surely can attract some eyes to your backyard.

Pit boss sleek vertical smoker is a new Boss in your town. The 77220 Pit Boss gas smokers has a dual valve burner system, one stainless steel burner for wood chunks, and one for the cabinet temperature. This dual system is by a single control knob and offers you a range of temperatures. You can move from low temperatures starting from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is a push-button with piezo ignition that makes quick and easy lighting. The vertical smoker has a large high temp glass viewing window that eliminates the need for peek-a-boo cooking: and a fully sealed high temp door seal completely locks the heat inside the smoker.

The total cooking area of the best vertical smoker provides 539 square inches with three porcelain-coated adjustable racks. Its innovative racking system offers you to adjust each rack into multiple positions. This lightweight pellet smoker has four locking caster wheels that make its mobility convenient.

This double-walled hammer stone finishes vertical smoker comes with a comprehensive one-year warranty. The external wood chips drawer of the vertical gas smoker makes it easy to check the fuel level of the smoker. Pit Boss pellet smoker with grease tray and the digital controller is a beautiful unit that can take the backyard smoking experience to the next level.


  • Lightweight with 58 Pounds
  • Wood Power Source


  • Little bit Temperature Issue

PBV3P1 PIT BOSS Vertical Pellet Smoker In Copper Color

best vertical pellet smoker


Do you want to show your barbequing skills when entertaining friends and family? Smoking perfectly lavish meat is a difficult task, and it demands patience. Pit boss vertical smoker can allow you to make the original southern-style smoked flavor in your backyard BBQ and win the heart of your loved one.

Its front large-sized window with an elevated frame makes it easier to check on your food without opening the door. The PB 3 series pellet smoker has finished the fret about cooking length with the help of its hopper that can hold forty pounds of wood pellets. It offers you to cook your food for up to twenty-four hours.

The double-walled blanket insulation body can smoke your food from 150 Fahrenheit to 450 Fahrenheit. Its sleek innovative design features a 901 square inches spacious cooking area. The cooking chamber holds four porcelain-coated cooking racks that can be inserted in multiple positions and offer you enough room to smoke anything you want.

This unique Pit Boss vertical smoker comes with a heat deflector and a water pan that helps to infuse better smoking taste in your meat at a particular temperature. The Best pellet smoker has a LED readout to monitor the internal temperature and adjust the heat settings according to your requirements.

The control panel gives you complete control over the temperature because it is pretty easy to operate. Vertical pellet smoker built with sturdy steel finish in hammer tone copper has two loving casters from its four rolling casters. This pellet smoker with an auto-start igniter provides five years of limited warranty for smoker lovers.

Pit Boss PBV3P1 smoker is a CRS high-heat coating that protects against corrosion and erosion. The Chimney vent on top provides ventilation for hot flue gases and smoke from your fire.


  • Easy to Use 24/7 Hours
  • Easy Transportation
  • Auto Power On/Off


  • Heavy Weight

Masterbuilt Propane 40 Inches Smoker With Thermostat Control

best vertical pellet smoker


Do you want a prestigious gas smoker that can cook more succulent and flavorful smoking meat? The Masterbuilt is a renowned name in BBQ because of its fantastic smoking technology. The 40- inches vertical smoker with four racks provides plenty of room: that can accommodate up to sixteen chickens, six turkeys, eight racks of ribs, and eight pork butts.

You do not need to monitor or adjust the temperature because Its Patented ThermoTemp innovation allows you to set the temperature, and that’s enough. It will regulate the heat inside the chambers of the smokers according to the requirement. This vertical smoker has a large door latch that makes it easy to open and close the doors of the smokers with one hand.

This XL propane smoker has a safety-shut-off valve burner. Its sensor shuts off the gas valve automatically if it detects the flame is extinguishing. It provides you a safe cooking experience. Using push-button ignition, you can light it up quickly. Its heat diffuser evenly distributes heat from the burner to maintain the temperature for perfect smoking.

The best vertical pellet smoker has retention brackets that provide stability to a propane tank. You also allow you to carry the smoker and the gas tank as a single unit. A fuel gauge is installed in the gas tank to alert you how much gas is left. There is a type one regulator with a hose to control the flow of gas. Masterbuilt vertical gas smoker has a stainless steel 15,750 BTU burner that provides the power needed for consistent cooking temperature.

The black propane smoker has a patented flame disk two-in-one bowl that protects the burner from grease drippings and holds wood chips. You can move it comfortably with sturdy handles and lockable rolling wheels.


  • Come With Window For Checking The Food
  • Auto Shut Off Feature For Safety


  • Small WoodChip Tray
  • Heavy in Weight

Pit Boss Pellet Smoker Grill

best vertical pellet smoker


Do you want a traditional smoker grill that can cook a whole lot of food at once for handling large gatherings? A Pit Boss grill smoker with many unique characteristics is a fantastic choice. This massive vertical smoker can help you cook up a storm. This innovative design choice grill has five porcelain-coated cooking racks with a total of 1548 square inches of cooking space that can hold fifteen racks of ribs or about five briskets.

Using its programmable digital temperature controller, you can control the 150’ Fahrenheit to 250’ Fahrenheit temperature range. The vertical smoker has a top-loading pellet hopper integrated into the cooker’s frame of the smoker. This digitally controlled hopper can hold more than forty pounds of pellets for an extra-long low and slow smoke.

There is a digital LED display in the vertical smoker that shows the results of internal cooking temperature, and you can make it a bit brighter. It helps you to monitor the progress of your smoked masterpiece. This PIT BOSS automatically ignites the pellet at 300-watts and turns it off when it reaches your desired temperature. It has a heat deflector that helps to equalize the temperature during cooking.

The thermometer and probe meter are made of stainless steel and help to control the internal cooking temperature. The porcelain enamel helps in diffusing the heat for even cooking, whether you are cooking multiple types of meat. A porcelain-coated water pan resists rusting and makes the pan more durable.

A double-walled blanket insulated smoker has four lockable wheels for easy transportation with five years of limited warranty. This attractive copper finish and durable steel construction promise reliable operation for years.


  • Auto Start Up and Cool Down System
  • 55 Pounds Hopper Capacity
  • Superb Quality-Wise


  • No Large Water Pan Capacity


With the help of the best vertical pellet smoker 2023, you can prepare your food with a delicious smoky flavor that leaves everyone feeling satisfied. These vertical smokers allow you to do much, such as smoke, grill, bake, and bruise effortlessly.

Pellet smokers always show extreme values in their easy-to-use and impeccable flavor profiles. This article has provided you with enough information on different types of vertical pellet smokers, such as Propane/ gas smokers, electric pellet smokers, Offset smokers, and best charcoal smokers grill of many companies. You can get information about their cooking capacities, racks hoppers, temperature gauge water pan, grease pan doors, and durability.

It is surmised that Pit Boss Grill Vertical Pellet Smoker has its unique benefits with good performance. Its large viewing window smart igniter and digital control can maintain a consistent temperature for long periods.

If you particularly want to do low and slow smoking/ cooking, then the PIt Boss vertical pellet smoker is the right one. It offers you a spacious cooking area with cooking temperatures of 150 Degrees Fahrenheit to 450Degees Fahrenheit.

For backyard BBQ parties with your family, a Masterbuilt digital electric smoker is a perfect choice.

The ultimate model you will decide on should be determined by your budget, size needs, and features you want. Hopefully, you will choose the model from this list of vertical smokers that is excellent and will meet your needs. So hurry up and pick your favorite one.

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