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Best Wood For Smoking Ribs – According to Experts

Written by George Arthur

Woods For Smoking

For everyone who is planning a BBQ, the first question that arises in their mind is what is the best wood for smoking ribs?

Smoking ribs is the most lavishing and favorite dish of Americans. Being a BBQ enthusiast, you will be well aware that it is the delicacy of American BBQ parties. The party is considered incomplete without this dish. Among the various outdoor get-togethers, the smoking ribs BBQ party is the most common and favorite. Its importance is because of the tenderness and delicious taste. With this, the juicy meat texture falling from the bones makes it more succulent.

The actual reason behind the delicious taste of smoked ribs is the expert cooking technique. An expert chef can cook it with a lavishing taste. If it is not perfectly smoked, the actual flavor is destroyed. The important thing behind its cooking is the perfect selection of the best woods for smoking ribs. Any mistake in this respect ruins the taste of a BBQ party. The wrong or inappropriate wood proves disastrous and makes ribs taste unpleasant.

If you are a planner for the incoming BBQ party, do not stress to make everyone happy. A delicious meal can do the whole game. Just add the smoking ribs to the menu and make a careful selection for the woods. We are here to help you in this field. Scroll down and read the article carefully. We made a critical analysis and brought the best wood quality for the smoking ribs. These will give your smoking ribs tenderness and delicious taste.

Hickory Wood

Do you want sweet, juicy, and rich flavor ribs? Come to meet here the hickory wood that is a fantastic, most popular, and a massive choice for your ribs. Commonly, hickory woods are available in southern and Midwestern states and mostly in use there. Hickory is the best wood for smoking ribs that provides sweet, savory, rich smoky flavor. It works well for ribs.

One of its good points is, its taste reminds its lovers of bacon-like flavor. Be careful when you smoke. Heavy hickory wood can produce a lot of smoke. Just keep in mind that too much hickory flavor can create an unpleasant taste in the ribs. Some famous models of hickory are most in use with outstanding features. Bear Mountain wood pellets hickory comes with no filters and works well with all grills at low moisture. Western premium wood chips and cooking chunks hickory offers 100 percent natural wood, well-heat treats with large-sized chips.

Mesquite Wood

Mesquite is one of the hot-selling woods for the preparation of smoked ribs. If you love to add an intense aroma and flavor of smoked ribs, then this wood perfectly meets your choice. It is the best-selling wood because of the unique flavors of its smoke that make the smoking ribs more palatable and appetizing.

The mesquite wood is naturally oily. So, it creates high temperatures. It burns in no time and produces a lot of smoke. The dark smoke makes a layer on the meat and is sustainable even after using the versatile sauces. This smoke gives an earthy aroma to the smoking ribs that make them famous and a favorite among BBQ parties.

The high temperature needs careful supervision and cooking because a slight carelessness will burn the ribs. That’s why it feels appropriate to add some softwood with it while smoking ribs. You can use this trick to hit the BBQ party.

Pecan Wood

If you plan to BBQ, pecan is an excellent choice as the best wood for smoking ribs. Pecan offers more specifications with hickory as a part of hickory family members. Its well-built wood burns slowly and gives out a mild smoky flavor to the meat. Pecan wood trees are grown in the Southern United States and Northern Mexico. Its wood can come in use to make everything like building material, hardwood floors, and cabinet chairs.

Using too much pecan wood or leaving your ribs there for a long time will surely lead you to a bitter result. So you need to be careful using pecan wood with the perfect quantity. Bear mountain wood pellets pecan, Western premium wood chips pecan, and Weber wood chunks pecan are great with pork and steak. These pecan wood brands enhance a beautiful smoky layer to your meat with no binders, purely natural wood flavor for long-lasting. It’s the right option to add a more delicious taste if you use it with a smoker grill combo.

Apple Wood

When it comes to fruitwood, apple is the most favorable and has a more subtly sweet and mellow flavor, a mild one compared to intense Mesquite flavor. Apple fruitwood works well with ribs if you use it with BBQ sauce as a glaze.

One noticeable thing about apple wood is that it takes a few hours for the smoke to absorb into ribs. It cooks the meat at a lower temperature because its wood slowly burns. Using apple wood is an ideal, advance, and versatility for BBQ pork, poultry, lighter beef, lamb, and seafood. Weber wood apple chips never disappoint their users and always give excellent, worthwhile results.

Cherry Wood

Meet here another fruitwood cherry that is similar to an apple. Cherry wood is the best wood for smoking ribs. If you use it correctly, your looks will appear like a professional in front of others like family or friends. For getting a more incredible rich flavor with a mahogany color, you can use it with hickory and Pecan by blending it that’s commonly seen in BBQ competitions.

Cherry wood offers a sweet taste, good smelling, a mild and fruity flavor into your smoked ribs, BBQ, beef, and pork. One of the most useful models is diamond kingwood chunks. This chunk cherry is certified by USDA that adds a beautiful flavor layer in a 100 percent natural way.


We presented above the five excellent kinds of wood for smoking your ribs. All these woods will help you in choosing the perfect wood. You can pick one of them to obtain a more delicious flavor without effort. If you understand each wood, you can start experimenting by mixing well and matching different wood.

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