The best season for hunting mule deer in Colorado is the beginning of the with archery and in September for a muzzleloader. But towards the end of October and run through the mid to late-November, the Rifle season begins. In most of the western states, it offers great mule deer hunting from Montana and landho down to the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. They are martyred in the hunting of this classic mule deer hunting that is the western classic species. That’s why on eastern plains there are certainly some good mule deer hunting opportunities.

How To Draw a Mule Deer License?


The most important point to notice for our visitors and audience is that it does not require a lot of time and experience or preference for getting a good mule deer license in Colorado. It’s sure to save preference points for 10 years for getting a good mule hunting license. But it is not necessary for the non-residents of Colorado because there are many such good mule deer hunt deals that can be drawn with just a few points.

Find Best Time to Hunt Deer Mule in Colorado

In Colorado, there are two seasons for mule deer hunting. The deer season begins with archery and muzzleloader in September. While the second season that is Rifle begins towards the end of October and lasts till late November. There are many opportunities for the hunters to hunt in the archery muzzleloader seasons according to the summer patterns in September. When muzzleloader season opens in the middle of September, deer start moving to cover at lower elevations.

First Colorado Rifle Season 

In Colorado, there are two seasons of Rifle. The first Rifle season is just for Elk. while the second one is for hunting mule deer. 

Second Colorado Rifle Season 

The second Rifle season starts from mid to late October. The great thing about this season is that it is quite easy to find tags to draw. In this season hunters can find tags of the great units. But the hunters must be willing to work hard to find bucks. 

Third Colorado Rifle Season 

Usually, in early November there starts the third rifle season in Colorado. Actually, it is that time of the year when Rut is getting close and bucks are going to be started on the move. The third rifle season is also the pre-rut season, but there are many amazing chances for the hunters to see those mature deer up on their feet. 

Fourth Colorado Rifle Season


The fourth rifle season in Colorado begins from mid to late November. On the basis of management objectives, not all the units offer the fourth rifle season. These dates are the best rut hunting dates because the biggest bucks are on move these days. So depending upon the type of your hunting weapons and your specific goals, you have to choose the best time for Colorado Mule Deer Hunting. It always creates a balance between quality and opportunity.

Find Best Place to Hunt in Colorado

It’s really fortunate to have a lot of public places in Colorado. First of all, you have to decide your preferred weapons and make a list of units that are available in the range of your preference point. Then it’s time to look at the targeted units for available public land. It may be done by using different supporting online tools. 

OnX Hunt Tool 

You can also use some tools that will help you to find such public lands. Such as OnX Hunt can be used for finding out the available public land. It will provide you with information about private and public land boundaries as well as public roads. 

Users will be able to view satellite views and the topographical maps as well. It’s possible for the users to make notes and to save pins and it will be automatically synced between your mobile versions and desktops. While entering the field, it’s possible to save and use the maps offline. It’s better to turn your mobile phone into a GPS system.

Colorado Hunting Atlas Tool 

It is an excellent tool and is quite free of cost and the tool is the Colorado Hunting Atlas tool. Atlas is much more limited as compared to the OnX because there is no facility for mobile and desktop syncing. But to hunt in a particular unit this tool can give you the appropriate and accurate picture of the available land.

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How to Handle Logistics and Meat Care?

While planning a hunt, you have to think about how to transport your gear, pieces of equipment, and other weapons for hunting mule deer. Then plan a strategy for getting meat home in case you are successful in harvesting a deer. Driving is the best option if it’s realistic with your schedule. It provides the most flexibility for packing gear and getting meat home. 

Cooler and Block Ice 

To hold the meat of a single deer, one large cooler in the range of 120 qt should be enough. It will help to keep meat wet without being soaked wet and dry. 

It is also recommended for using a frozen jug of water or block ice. It will also help to keep the meat cool and maintain moisture. 

Carnivore Set 

You have a few different options for game bag sets, in the case of the mule deer hunt. You must take a look at the newly redesigned Carnivore set, for those of background hunters and foe the high-country archery hunters who have set a plan to bone out their meat. So Carnivore can be used to hold anything as big as mature boned-out bull elk. It will work just as great for a bond-out mule deer. 

Caribou Gear Game Bags 

While talking about meat care, don’t ever forget about the set of high-quality Caribou Gear game bags. We are happy to admit that we are totally biased because it is our bread and butter. It is the best game bag for the care of meat with the combination of breathability, lightweight design, durability, and the ability to wash and reuse them again and again. So a set of Caribou Gear Game bags will make your meat in the best and possible condition. 

Muley Game Bags 


You have to pick up a set of the muley game bag if you want to keep it lightweight but rather have a slice of meat with the bone. This bag is designed in such a way that it can carry an entire mule deer buck on the bone. There are four quarter bags and one bag for the loose meat.

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