Elk Shank Recipe – Tender & Juicy

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If you are an Elk meat lover and want to enjoy the most delicious and tasty part of the Elk. Then get ready to enjoy the yummiest Elk Shank Recipe. Because the elk shank is a very tasty and flavourful part of its meat. Shank is actually the upper part meat of the arm of an elk that is typically too tough and sinewy for most. It’s often fed to the dogs, buried after harvest, and tossed. But people have been addicted now after knowing the appetizing and tasty recipes of elk shank. This article is specifically for the better way to cook shank of elk in an amazing way.

This shank elk recipe includes very humble ingredients that will enhance the actual flavor of the shank of elk. You can easily make the final product that is extremely tender and enjoyable by slow cooking your shank in beef broth, breaking down the tough sinew, and then loosening up the meat. 

How is the Taste of Elk Shank Like?

If cooked the right way you can make it very juicy, tender, and extremely flavorful recipes of shank because it is a very complex and rich cut of an Elk. The elk shank is usually too often overlooked when tossed into the ground pile or simply thrown away. The elk shank has a flavor and appetizing profile ads every bit as savory and delectable as the tenderloin or backstrap. Some very simple and easily available ingredients can really bring out the natural flavors. These ingredients also enhance the taste and flavor of the elk shank and you can light up your plate in the process.

What is Necessary For Elk Shank Recipe?

‘’Osso Buco’’ is just the fancy name of the cross-cut portion of the Elk Shank. So it is advertised and sold mostly under this name. When you are going to a store for purchasing ‘’Ossa Buco’’ you need it in the amount of almost 3-4 portions for this recipe. So you are in need of these things while trying to cook your Elk Shank in an amazing and tasty way.  

  • Ingredients

  • Kitchen Appliances 

Necessary Ingredients 

For cooking anything there are some important and relevant ingredients that are required generally and specifically for that special recipe. There are also some important related ingredients that will add to the natural taste of your Elk Shank. These ingredients include:

  • You need 3-4 Osso Buco portions – approximately 2 lb ( Elk Sshank ).

  • You need almost 1.5 cups of beef broth.

  • You need 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil.

  • Salt ( As per requirement ).

  • Pepper ( As per requirement ).

  • Garlic Powder.

  • Oregano.

  • Two springs of Rosemary.

  • Thyme.

  • 1 White Onion ( Chopped into 2-inch pieces ).

  • Four stalks of Celery ( Chopped into 3-inch pieces ).

  • 2 russet potatoes ( Chopped into 2-3 inch pieces ).

  • 3 Carrots ( Chopped into 1-2 inch pieces ).

Necessary Cooking Appliances

You are also in need of some important and necessary cooking appliances while going to cook elk shank. These appliances may include:

  • A Crockpot.

  • A medium-sized cast-iron skillet.

How To Cook Elk Shank Perfectly? 

There are some steps included in the preparation of the elk shank. Some of the most important steps are enlisted here:

  • Searing & Prepping the Elk Shank 

  • Slow Cooking of Your Elk Shank 

  • Serve amazingly, Enjoy, and Have Fun

Searing And Prepping Elk Shank 

There are also many steps that are involved during searing and prepping your Elk. All of these steps are described below for your convenience. 

  • First of all, you have to coat the Shank in Olive Oil. 

  • Then hand rubbing pepper, salt, and garlic powder onto the Elk Shank meat.

  • Then palace the seasoned shank into the refrigerator for almost an hour. It will take some time for the flavors to know each other. This step will make an amazing difference to your recipe.

  • Now it’s time for searing the Elk shank to a brown. Then get a nice broil on the meat before putting and adding it to the slow cooker. 

  • Put the Shank into a cast-iron skillet with the help of olive oil. 

  • Then place it into the oven after you’ve preheated the shank to the broil setting.

  • Leave it almost for 20 minutes or 10 minutes per side.

Slow Cooking of Your Elk Shank

Slow cooking of your elk shank also involves different steps. These steps are described here for your convenience. These steps are You have to take all the prepared vegetables and then you have to add them to your crock-pot.

  • Pour almost 1.5 cups of beef broth with layering or bed of the prepared vegetables.

  • Then you have to put your broiled or seasoned shank of elk over the bed of vegetables.

  • Turn the crockpot to a medium flame and put the lid on it. 

  • You have to cook it almost for three hours. 

  • For more slow cooking of the Elk, you can also cook it for 6 hours.  

Why Cook for Shank for Three & Six Hours?

It is very necessary to cook elk shank for almost three hours to let all of the fats, tissues, sinew break down properly. If you want to cook it very slow then you can also change the setting g of your crockpot to six hours. This time will definitely help the bone and shank flavors to reach optimum deliciousness.

How to Serve and Enjoy the Elk Shank?

You can serve your shank in a bowl along with some scoops of juices and can enjoy your meal. You can also serve your shank along with freshly baked rolls to soak up all of the savory and complex juices.

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You can also try some other elk recipes besides Elk Shank Recipe as your meal. These recipes include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find ‘’Osso Buca’’ and Elk Shank? 

You can easily purchase the elk shank from stores that deal in elk meat. The fancy name under which it is selling in the stores is ‘’Ossa Buca’’. You can also purchase it from some online sources because some of the websites are offering the purchase of elk meat.

What is Shank on an Elk?

Shank is actually the upper arm meat of an elk. It is very tasty and flavorful that it can be used to make delicious, addictive, and yummy recipes.

How much time is required for cooking Elk Shank?

It takes some time for all the preparation of necessary ingredients and to cook it slowly for getting a delicious and mouth-watering shank recipe. Timing for cooking and preparing all for it is enlisted here:

  • Preparation time is: 30 Minutes

  • Cooking Time is: 3-6 Hours

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