Fishing Worms Types

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You need to know about the fishing worm types that are best in capturing fish and allow anglers to have a remarkable angling experience. The worms are available in different types and the angler needs to choose the one that is suitable for the target fish type. Having a worm with the right type is confusing and choosing the one with appropriate fishing needs guidance that is important for everyone.

The different worm types are going to be discussed below so that one could choose the better for the best fishing experience. The worm types make it possible to have great fishing. The baits are also available which makes fishing convenient and provides exceptional results to the anglers.

The worms are used according to the fishing environment and the types with specifications are discussed in detail for better understanding.

Different Types of Worms

Delving deeper into the worms would help you in getting a better fishing experience and enable you to have exceptional results based on the worm type.


The nightcrawlers have a long history with fishing because they are very convenient to bait and capture fish. The size of the worm is large enough to attach to the hook easily. The anglers mostly use this worm for angling. Catching a bigger fish needs a bigger worm so a nightcrawler is there to make it easy for you.

Nightcrawler is the most popular choice of angler and it comes across to catch several fish types including Walleye, Trout, panfish, Largemouth Bass, and Crappie. This is an attractive worm that attracts fish and makes it hook conveniently. Not only could big fish catch using this worm but the small fish would also find it attractive and it fits their mouth perfectly too.


These are the worms that are less attractive and their tiny size makes them fish easily while allowing the small fish to get the bait and use it according to their choice. This is not usually a worm but larvae of the beetle that is unattractive in look and produces unwanted smell but still the fish like it. It is difficult to hook because of its small size as it is easy to tear.

This bait works awesomely for all small fish types and looks different when attached to a hook. It is a perfect lure for small fish like Crappie, Perch, Panfish, Trout, Bass, and Bluegill. Hooking a small fish is too easy while using it during fishing.


These are worms that are the same as mealworms. These are not worms but larvae that would convert into an insect after some time. It is the choice of the fish so that is the reason it is used for capturing fish. These are suitable for ice fishing and ice anglers use them with great interest. These are best to use in cold months because it keeps the angling for a long time.  

These are a little fatty that fish love and one must need to keep them warm otherwise it will get hard enough to work inefficiently. It is the food for the fish, doesn’t matter if its natural look is awful. It is perfect to capture fish like Perch, and Crappie. These are not big enough but work effectively. It is available in the market to make fishing easy for anglers.

Red Wigglers

The red wigglers are the popular bait that is used to capture fish and are perfect for young anglers. These are small to use conveniently and offer the benefit to capture more fish. It must be kept on the hook easily to make fishing easy. These are best for catching Catfish, Trout, Bass, Crappie, and Panfish. The name of the red wigglers depicts its color and small size.

 It is too easy for fish to spot out and makes the fish hook convenient. These baits help in providing medium-sized fish and their hardness enables them to work well in harsh water conditions.  


Leeches are cylindrical, wriggly, and slim that are used for Walleye and Bass and provide exceptional fishing to the anglers. These baits are available in different sizes and fish normally eat them so that it is a lovable food for fish. All sizes allow capturing fish of every size.

The leeches could easily capture the big fish that, no doubt is for small fish types but big fish could easily take it in and can land. Leeches are a common food for Walleye, Bass, and Catfish so one can capture these fish conveniently using leeches. The angler needs to take great care while using it because it can suck blood so caution is important to keep.


These are perfect for hunting saltwater fish. These worms are available in different sizes which allows for capturing the huge fish as well. Your target can be any large fish. These are the love of fish because of its juicy, tasty, and fatty feel. Bloodworms have teeth and they love to bite. This is the only worm that lives in marine conditions and loves to stay underwater and sand.

These are attractive enough to hook fish including Roach, Perch, Spot, Bream, Croaker, Catfish, and Striped Bass. Their appearance makes them stand out among the many available worms in the market. The bloody red color of the worm gives it the name “Bloodworm”. One needs to be aware of its bite because its bite would become numb.

Butter Worm

This is not a worm but a larva and it looks like a waxworm. It is not fatty as that of the waxworm and has a fruity odour which makes the fish come towards it and get hooked easily. The look of the worm is not compelling but its taste is, which makes the fish eat and get land. 

The fish mostly get distracted and they try to eat it naturally, which makes them capture one. The anglers suggest that these baits are easy to use so one must use them while fishing.

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