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How Long to Grill Brats – Proper Methods and Tips

Written by George Arthur

Grilling Brats

A picnic held by someone who knows how long to grill brats to perfection is one of the few methods to make a summer afternoon more delightful. These pointers can help you have a great barbeque. Brats can be deceptively difficult to grill. People believe that barbecuing is a riddle to many people, one which most people try to solve by grilling their protein until it is technically similar to lava rocks. As great it seems, how about if we can tell you how long to grill brats?

Grilling great brats entails a lot more than just turning on the grill and putting them on the grill. Heat, charcoal positioning, and brat temp all play a role in a perfectly grilled brat. But don’t worry, mastering it isn’t that hard

Grilling preserves the long-standing American cooking practice and savoring delectable dishes, making summertime the most joyful season of the year. Grilled brats are one of those foods that make summer wonderful.

It may sound demanding, but for the pit boss barbecuing, means taking on additional responsibilities. It encourages kids to take up the grilling duty and importance. It distinguishes barbecue professionals from ordinary cooks: the desire to create something delicious while also meeting the visitors’ needs motivates them to rise to the challenge.

However, one of the most important aspects of grilling is preparing the necessary components and determining the best way to grill brats. There is, however, a technique to the craziness; a particular gas grill setting obtains the most delectable grilled brats that will leave you and your visitors craving more.

Grill Brats Tips like A Pro

  • Avoid Buy Brats In A Package
  • Don’t Poke Holes
  • Grilling And Steaming
  • Arrange The Brats On The Grill
  • Buy Quality Brats And Avoid Cheap Brats
  • Don’t Boil Them
  • Grill Them For 18 To 25 Minutes Over Medium Heat
  • Don’t Prick The Sausage Casing
  • Brush The Grill With Oil
  • Don’t Buy Pre-cooked Bratwursts
  • Texture And Color Brats
  • Serve
  • Poach Your Brats In Beer

Grill Brats on Charcoal

There are many different grilling methods available; including electric starters, lighter fluid, charcoal chimneys but classic kettle charcoal grilling is one of the best ways for bratwursts. And on the other hand, Weber grills are the most highly recommended for ready-to-brats. This grill is so simple to use and strongly constructed. You can prepare your brats by following instructions of how long to grill brats with needed ingredients.

We have already presented the best charcoal grills on another page, and you can apply the same method by choosing any one charcoal grill. How long to grill brats depends on how many coals you are utilizing and its hot capacity. Generally, 20-25 minutes is enough at least 160F degrees, and consider it ideal for cooking the grilling brats on a charcoal grill. You can check it by using an instant-read thermometer when brats are ready.

Grill Brats on a Gas Grill

Do you want to cook your brats on a gas grill? Here’s a gas smoker grill is a good option and different from other grill types like charcoal grill. You can prepare most delicious grill brats on a gas grill for yourself, family members, or guests even use it at any event. It just required some ingredients and recipe methods to be ready for the best grill brats.

This gas grill allows you to maintain the heat balance and also prevents the brats from overheating and overcooking while cooking. On a gas grill, there is no specific time for the brats to cook because it depends on the size and weight of the brats. Commonly a gas grill takes 15-20 minutes, and during cooking the brats, you need flipping side action every 3-5 minutes to prepare both sides.

Grill Brats on a Pellet Grill

If you want creative art in cooking, you should choose a pellet grill to cook your brats. Other grill methods like gas or charcoal allow you simple cooking, but on a pellet grill, you can not only get the bolder and smoky taste but also fatty juices in your brats. Whenever you cook anything with a wood-fired grill, you enjoy smoky flavor because wood flavor goes up your food to the next high level. No other cooking process can come in competition to grilling brats on a pellet grill. Just need to preheat your pellet grill at 225 to 275 degrees and cook your breasts for 30 minutes on it.

Best Wood for Grill Brats

Whatever you choose for ready grill brats, but you need the best wood for it. Hickory wood is a fantastic and massive choice that gives a traditional BBQ flavor that enhances incredible sweetness to your brats. Other best options are also available such as maple or applewood, mesquite wood, cherry wood, and pecan wood. If you want to know about all these woods in detail, 

You can prepare wood-fired brats and grilling brats on a gas or charcoal grill, but it has some differences in taste. Pellet grill is a highly recommended option that provides an all-in-one facility like sweet juicy flavor, smoky brats, and makes brats easier. If you choose a pellet grill for cooking, you will leave a good impression on your guests or friends with the sweet juicy goodness.

Brat’s Internal Temperature

There is no need to overcook your brats and let yourself know how long to grill brats. According to USDA recommendations, the 160°F internal temperature is enough for grilling brats. However, there are some other suggestions of 155°F for brats grilling. But, for the best results, you should grill your brats at medium-low heat like 350-360°F. Depending on the brat’s thickness, it may take almost 20 mints to hit your required internal temperature.

You can check it by inserting the meat thermometer in the bratwurst’s open end. It should be between 145-160°F, which is perfect. At 155°F, your brat’s proteins start contracting and squeezing all juices out and become dry. Possibly, it takes much time to fix and save these dried brats. So, for preserving the moisture in your brat, the best recommendation for internal temperature is 140-145°F.

This temperature ensures fully cooked and juicy brats with a delicious taste. You should not take out your brats from the grill when they are under 140°F because they are not properly cooked. These brats may cause sickness in people and destroy your pleasant gathering.

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