Getting Rid Of Grilling smoke

If you are BBQ smoker or you have got some friends and colleagues who smoke, you would know how fast smoke smell get into your clothes. But the problem is how to get smoke smell out of clothes? Unpleasant stale grilling smell or smoke odors get unbearable when it stays in your clothes over some time. Even the campfire smoke on a getaway weekend penetrates your clothes within no time. The old stinky smell reaches your nose even from far away. Even you can smell it from the shirt you are wearing, and you do not even have to lift it. Duh! That is so annoying.

But the most annoying part is when this unwanted odor permeates your washing machine. Smoke is a bit hard to remove from your clothes because tobacco is rich in tar. And it does not even leave early. Luckily, there are some things you can do to get rid of these nasty odors. You better treat your clothes immediately after getting home after a smoky encounter.

To regain the freshness you desire, be a little patient because these nasty odors are sticky. Here are some tricks you can follow to get rid of these nasty odors from your clothes.

Without Washing Machine:

If you are camping or out for a getaway weekend, you cannot take a washing machine with you. Campfire smoke may get into your clothes, and you cannot bear it. What would you do now? How to get smoke out of clothes now? Do not get worried about this. You can try some of these tips and get smoke out of clothes without washing them.

1- Airing Out Your Outfits:

This seems a little too simple to do but, you know, sometimes simple works wonders and your problems are over. It is best if you got a clothesline but, if not you can hang your clothes on the back of a chair or a railing. Hang the clothes and let the air sit in. Sunny or breezy weather is the best but, dry weather can also work. If the weather is not good, you can hang clothes in an indoor space. Use a fan to get the odor out of the garments. You can get better results if you would hang clothes for a long time.

2- Use Baking Soda:

You might be aware of some popular uses of baking soda. One of these uses is that baking soda eliminates odors. Put smelly clothes in a plastic bag and pour about a half cup of baking soda over it. Close the plastic wrap and shake it well so that baking soda covers all parts of your clothes. Now let the baking soda do its work and leave the shopping bag overnight.

The next morning open the bag, get your clothes out and dust out the baking soda off your clothes. Hopefully, your clothes will have no nasty smells. If you do not want to try out the dry baking soda, you can soak your clothes in water and baking soda solution. Leave it overnight and rinse with water on next day.

3- Try An odor-eliminating Fabric Freshener:

If you feel a nasty odor lingering from your clothes, you might want to try out a fabric freshener to eliminate the smell. These kinds of products are commercially available in almost all general stores. You can go for a scented one if you like scents but there are also non-scented ones if you can’t bear scents. And if you running short on an odor-eliminating spray, you can make your own. All you need is an equal portion of water and vinegar. Also, add 20 drops of any essential oil like mint or lemon as they have pleasant and refreshing smells.

With Washing Machine:

When you are home and a washing machine is available, it gets easier to get rid of grilling smoke. So, if you find yourself in such a situation, try out one of the following tips.

1- Vinegar Solution:

Before washing the clothes, soak them in vinegar and a warm water solution. Let it sit for about an hour. For better results, you can also opt for adding essential oils with, mint, lavender, orange, and lemon scents. After soaking the clothes for an hour, wash them according to instructions given by the manufacturer.

2- Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is also useful to eliminate nasty smells. Squeeze lemons and gather about a half cup of lemon juice. Put your clothes in the machine and pour some warm water and detergent. Add lemon juice in the first cycle. Make sure you do not pour lemon juice on colorful clothes directly because lemon juice can decolorize them.

3- Vodka:

Got tired of trying out boring ways of eliminating unwanted odors from the clothes you have been wearing? So, the question arises now is how to get smoke smell out of clothes in a fun way? Alcohol is also well known for eliminating unwanted bad smells leaving a freshness behind. Buy some cheap vodka bottles from the market and also get some rubbing alcohol.

Pour almost about a half cup of rubbing alcohol or vodka into the washing machine. Continue the normal washing process as you would do under any other circumstances. Upon drying up, you will see that clothes no longer have any smoke smell permeated into them.

4- Laundry Scent Boosters:

Another tip to get rid of smells from clothes is to make use of laundry scent boosters. Like fabric fresheners, laundry scent boosters are also abundant in local grocery stores. You can always go for homemade laundry scent boosters if you get bored of commercial ones. Take one cup of sugar or one cup of rock salt. Add 20 drops of any essential oil to it. The market has all flavors from peppermint to lavender and from mint to lemon scent.

5- Try A Professional Cleanser:

Some clothes can only be dry cleaned and you cannot wash them. And sometimes you do not get rid of unwanted cells using dry methods. How to get smoke smell out of clothes when you cannot wash clothes. Leave such cases to the professional cleaners. Any good professional cleaner comes with several dry and wet options. Find the best suitable for you by choosing from multiple options.

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