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How to Reheat Brisket Without Drying & Keeping It Juicy

Written by George Arthur

Reheating Brisket

After your backyard party or any other pleasant event, you get some leftover meat, especially the brisket. Then you wonder how to use them again and how to reheat brisket.

Brisket is a tough piece of meat. It comes from the lower chest or breast of the cow, which is a hard-working muscle. You have to spend a lot of time tenderizing and slow cooking this meat in your grills or smokers. That is why you hesitate in wasting even a single piece of brisket because it has taken your precious time in cooking. It needs to be stored correctly for use again.

You should save it properly as wrapping, freezing, and reheating matter in its savory taste. This one takes more time in reheating and needs effort for a robust flavor. If you reheat it properly in the right way, you will surely get a juicy and tender meal worth your efforts. If you ever tried reheating brisket, then possibly you have noticed its changed taste from the day before, and you don’t want to chew a hard, dry and tasteless brisket.

Before it gets undesirable and dry due to improper technique and carelessness. For enjoying its previous mouth-watering taste, you should reheat it properly. Here are some methods for reheating brisket. You can use any of these for fresh and juicy brisket again.

What Do You Need To Know How To Reheat Brisket?

You ought to know just two things that are required for reheating brisket slices. Firstly, it is the easiest thing to do and secondly, you can maintain its juicy flavor while reheating.

How can you maintain its juicy structure?

The best answer is the prevention of brisket from drying. Reheating of brisket is severely affected by its storing or freezing method. The way you store your leftover brisket has a great impact on its efficient reheating. When it’s time to store the briskets, you should slice it and permit its cooling in remaining juices. This will help in avoiding its drying and maintaining its tenderness.

You can use the four methods described below that are the best answer for how to reheat brisket. These are the most convenient methods for reheating brisket. You require some supplies that may slightly vary according to your chosen method.

Reheat Brisket Method in the Oven:


  • Foil
  • Baking Pan
  • Brisket Drippings Or Beef Broth
  • A Baking Sheet Having Sides
  • Meat Thermometer
  • Leftover Brisket
  • Optional: Beef Stock
  • Optional: Apple Cider And Your Favorite Sauce


Using an oven for reheating your leftover brisket is the easiest and quickest option. Remember, you cannot reheat the brisket in a super-hot oven because it will convert into tough, dried, hard-to-chew meat. By using the key of low and slow, first, preheat the oven to 325°F.

While preheating the oven, pull your brisket out from the freezer and leave it for 20-30 minutes at room temperature in a baking pan. Then, put this mellowed meat in the preheated oven. This tip will ensure thoroughly reheated meat as well as its central part that often remains cold.

For avoiding the dried brisket, use remaining cooking juices and pour them over your brisket before reheating. You can also use apple cider with your favorite BBQ sauce and spill this mixture into the pan’s bottom. Another suggestion for maintaining juicy brisket is the beef stock.

Cover your brisket with foil’s double layer and crimp it around the pan’s edges so you get a tight seal without any holes. Now your brisket is ready, place it in the oven until its internal temperature hits 165 °F. You can check the temperature by using a meat thermometer.

If you have sliced brisket or have cuts in it, then it will not take as much time as the whole one. Sliced brisket can take 20 mins while the whole piece will take an hour for even reheating. Take it out from the oven, unwrap it and enjoy your delicious brisket.

Reheat Brisket By Using A Slow Cooker Or Crockpot:


  • Brisket’s Leftover Drippings
  • Leftover Brisket
  • Optional: Your Favorite BBQ Sauce Or Beef Stock


Reheating brisket in a slow cooker is the easiest option but not the quickest. It will take almost four hours, so be ready for it. Although it is not a quick option you cannot expect an instant meal of brisket.

You only need to set and forget it. Again, let the frozen brisket rest on the kitchen counter until it reaches room temperature. When it becomes acclimatized, put it into the cooker.

Remember, sliced pieces are preferable and can fit in the pot easily. Pour all reserved cooking juices and drippings into the crockpot for a delicious and juicy flavor. In case of not having drippings, use BBQ sauce, beef stock, etc. Do not avoid these extra juices if you want to enjoy fork-tender brisket. Cover the cooker with its lid and place it on low flame for three to four hours.

If your crockpot has more accurate temperature settings then set it between 185-200°F. Cooking time may depend on the size of your brisket. You can shift it to a tinfoil sheet, sprinkle some dripping and fold it. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and you’ll get a better taste of your brisket.

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Reheat Brisket By Using A Microwave Oven:


  • Leftover Brisket
  • Container (Microwave Safe)
  • Meat Thermometer


Using a microwave for reheating brisket is sometimes a risk when you don’t follow precautions. The microwave turns molecules of water into steam, which means there is a chance that your brisket will lose all its moisture. In the end, you will get a dried, rubbery, and tasteless piece of brisket.

You can get your desired delicious brisket within minutes if you reheat it carefully. You have to use slices of brisket rather than a whole piece. It will save your time and the juicy structure of the brisket.

For avoiding overcooked brisket slices, reduce the power of the microwave to 20 percent. Put your brisket in a microwave-safe container and place it in the microwave. Then heat it in a 30 seconds interval.

Check your brisket with a meat thermometer until its internal temperature reaches 160 °F and it is reheated evenly. It may bother to check your brisket after every 30 seconds but it is much quicker than other methods. You have to wait according to the quantity of brisket. It will take 1-5 minutes to prepare for your meal.

Reheat Brisket By Using Sous Vide Method Or Water Bath:


  • Water
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Ziploc Bag
  • Sous Vide Machine


The Sous-vide method is the easiest method with no cons except the timings. But you can reduce its timing by using small pieces of your brisket. The savory taste and juicy bites remain the same when you use this method. Moreover, it also avoids overcooked meat pieces.

You only need to follow simple and short steps. First of all, bring your frozen brisket to room temperature, take it out from the fridge and leave for 20-30 minutes. Use a Ziploc bag for sealing the meat properly. Pour your desired sauces or drippings into it.

Ensure its proper sealing so extra water from the water bath could not enter it. Fill the pot with water but leave enough space for avoiding overflow when adding food to it. Set the temperature of the machine to 150-165 °F. Place your sealed brisket in it and leave the top open. You can also pin it with the pot to keep it stable. You can attach the digital thermometer with the pot’s sides or can check the temperature periodically whatever you want.

When you observe the exact temperature of the water and your brisket, and then take it out. It is ready to serve you. A large piece of brisket almost four inches may take four to five hours; a sliced brisket of one to two inches may take two hours in preparation.

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