The most important and main points to consider while going for shed hunting in Colorado include hey place and time that suits shed hunting, the habitat and environment they like to live in, and the best ways and strategies for shed hunting in Colorado. You will most probably have great chances for elk shed hunting if you know and get knowledge about all the necessary tips and all the rules and regulations made by the forest management of Colorado and other places including other regions in the world. 

Tips for Elk Sged Hunting in Colorado 

It is very effective to follow some tips recommended by experts and those who have done its experience in Colorado or in any of the other regions of the world-famous Elk shed hunting in Colorado. There is a list of worth-having tips for beginners and for those who want to experience Elk shed hunting in Colorado. Such tips are:

  • Go to Higher Elevations ( In Winter Season ).

  • Mild Spring The Best Time for Shed hunting in Colorado. 

  • Look at Maps before Entering an area. 

  • See grassy meadows ( Mostly found in South Africa ).

  • Let someone know about your targeted destination for shed hunting. 

  • You can use a tracking camera, it will be great access for elk shed hunting.

  • You have to Pick a cloudy overcast day.

  • It’s better to go for shed hunting on a rainy day or when the ground is wet at least.

  • Pennsylvania Big Oak ridge is an awesome place to look for sheds. 

  • You have to Wear Your Binoculars

  • During going shed hunting you have to put your time in Boots on the Ground.

  • You have to Involve your Family and Friends with you and have a lot of fun. 

  • You have to walk very slowly for looking into miles and miles away in the woods. 

  • You have Pre-Scout Food Sources. 

  • Hunters have to learn Winter Bedding Habits.

  • You have to hit up the targeted spots multiple times.

  • You don’t have to be Discouraged very easily. 

Besides these hunting tips, there may be many more efficient tips. Although tips may vary from expert one to the other, these tips are very effective and worth having to act upon them.  These will help you a lot in getting elk shed antlers in Colorado and in any of the regions of the world. 

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Best Locations for Shed Antlers in Colorado 

Elk Shed Hunting licenses are sold for very specific locations in Colorado. You will be allowed to hunt in just these specific areas. Such specified areas are known as GMUs stands for Game Management Units. If they have issued a license that is valid in GMUs 500 meters then you will be just allowed to shed hunt in that specific area. It’s important to know where these boundaries are of that GMUs. 

There are two main types of landscape in Colorado. The mountains and a type of prairie plains. So there are two completely different places and locations for shed hunting in Colorado. You must select the type of location depending upon the bedding activities of elks, their food points, and their walking areas. Because there is a greater probability of finding elk shed antlers in such areas. 

It will also depend on your choice of landscape. If you love mountains so you will prefer mountains otherwise not. 

How to Determine Elk Shed Antler’s Worth?

Once you have found elk shed antlers the next step is to determine its worth. There are a few main and prime factors that are directly responsible for shed antler’s worth in the market. List of these conditions is here for your acknowledgement:

The symmetry of the Antlers. 

Peak Selling Season (Beneficial).

The location where that specie is scarce. 

Size of the shed Antlers.

Freshness and Colour of Antlers.

Type of species (Different species have different worth prices).

Here are also some brief notes on these factors that highly affect the worth of elk antlers when you go to the market for selling them.

Symmetry of Antlers  

The worth of antlers highly depends upon the shape of the antlers you have found. If you have two antlers of the same shape like they are looking like the mirror of each other, Congratulations! You will get a very handsome amount for such a pair of antlers. These are worth having and their demand is also very much. But if they are dissimilar and have no good appearance then they will not give you a handsome profit. The game is all about their symmetry and resemblance with each other.

Peak Selling Season 

The worth of elk antlers is highly dependent on the season in which you are going to sell out your shed elk antlers. If the season is suitable for selling it then you will get benefit economically otherwise it will be a great loss. Because it’s a special time when people search for resh antlers and buy them at high prices. On the other hand, when you will try to sell them out the season you will never ever get the desired amount and attraction of buyers.

Location for Selling Antlers 

The location and region in which you want to sell your shed antlers also decide the worth of the antlers. You will get benefit if you select that location and region where that specie is scarce which you have.  But if you are selling your product in such a region where this species is already present then you will get not any extra attraction and money.

Size of Elk Antlers 

The size of elk antlers is also responsible for their low or high worth of them. If their size is very high and has a definite shape and structure, they will prove best for you economically. On the other hand, if their size is small and has no specific shape people will buy them at low costs.  

Color and Freshness 

The color of the antlers and degree of freshness is also very considerable when buyers select them to purchase. Like brown-colored elk antlers are more considerable and have more attraction of people because they like such color very much. In addition, if you will go to market with fresh elk antlers you definitely get more profit as compared to those who don’t have fresh ones.  So along with shed hunting in colorado, you have to know the exact factors for which you can get more profit. 

Type of Species 

The type of specie that you have got the elk antlers is also considered when you are in the market for selling and purchasing. Different species have different worth and can have more attraction than the other ones.  


Shed hunting in Colorado is not very much tough nor very much easy. There are some best locations for shed hunting with reference to seasons and places like plains and hilly areas etc. there are some factors that are highly considerable when anyone demands them from you to purchase. You must have amazing economic benefits if antlers are fresh, brown in color, symmetrical, a mirror of each other, big in size, have the proper shape, and you have some unique species of elk antlers. It is a very technical point that after shed hunting you are familiar with the best location for selling them out in a handsome amount.