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 What is a Spinning reel?

A spinning reel refers to the opened face fishing reel with a stationary spool. At one side of the spool is a metal arm that rotates and catches the line to wind it on the spool as the handle of the reel moves. The metal arms stay disengaged throughout the casting to release the line from the spool; it enables the line to stretch out by the lure’s attached weight.

While using the spinning reel, it is mandatory to add it to the downward side of the spinning rod. It will perform while functioning by keeping it at the bottom of the rod. Spinning reels are the most common reels in all four types. It is suitable for the newbie or professional angler in the same way. The angler needs to work according to the principles of the reel, and undoubtedly the required results would be there.

The reel is usually used for several purposes, including fishing with dead or live bait, fishing with rigs, throwing artificial lures, and ice fishing. Spinning reels are most suitable for function and allow the anglers to enjoy the fishing tour by having the benefits of spinning reels. The spinning reel is convenient, and it provides stability while using it for lightweight applications.

Parts of a Spinning Reel

The parts of the spinning reel play a vital role in the functioning of the equipment. These parts perform their functions well and help in the proper working. The reels must be mechanized well. The use of the material must be done appropriately so that the reel would work incredibly and maintain the overall functioning by providing the best results.

The reels have external and internal parts that function equally in every respect; the manufacturer finely makes these parts to offer fantastic working and make the fishing an awesome one.

  •  External Parts

Here are the following external parts of the spinning reel:

Body of the Reel

The reel’s body makes the functioning better—the better the reel’s material, the incredible the functioning. The body of the reel has the material of aluminum, graphite, carbon fiber, and a combination of many other materials. These materials offer longevity and make the product sturdy by having corrosion-resistant technologies. The aluminum and graphite make the reel have lighter weight. Avoid the reel with plastic material.

Reel Foot

The upper part of the reel that is fastened on the spinning rod is called the reel foot. The reel material is the same as the material of the reel. It extends the body of the reel. This reel part must be sturdy enough to connect both the spinning reel and rod.


it is the part of the reel that contains the line. The line’s length depends upon the spool. The essential factor is that it must be smooth so that its smoothness would reduce friction. The spool can be of aluminum or graphite.

Bail Arm

It is the unique feature of the spinning reel. The bail arm is next to the spool and has a semi-circular shape. It helps in keeping the line straight and makes the casting easier. When the line is untangled, it maintains the functioning of the reel. It is the reason having the reel is comfortable and suitable for newbies.

Line Roller

It is the round part of the reel; it touches the line during reeling and assists in reducing the friction. It enables the free movement of the line without getting stuck.


The handle is the part of the reel that an angler holds each time he does fishing—the rubber handle assists in making a comfortable grip even with wet hands. Most of the reels have the handle of the same material as the reel, mostly aluminum or graphite. The handle provides comfort to the person having a grip on the left hand or right hand. The turning of the handle means that line retrieval. So, it must be smooth and comfy to grasp.

 Drag Adjustment Knob

The knob is an essential part of the reel that assists in adjusting the drag. It enables the angler to keep the fish hooked by increasing or decreasing the drag (friction) on the line. It is a fantastic feature for the fish that pulls the line heavily and wants to swim back to the water.

Anti-Reverse Switch

It is the reel part that avoids the backward turning of the reel and aids the reel to work smoothly. This feature is not a part of each reel in the market.

  •  Internal Parts

Here are the following internal parts of the spinning reel:

Ball Bearings

The reel has ball bearings that are in the shape of the ball. These bearings help reduce the frictions and make the smooth functioning of equipment. The quality of bearings matters a lot; always choose the top-quality reel because the quality of the bearings is dependent on the quality of the reel. Usually, a reel has at least 4 bearings that prevent friction. The angler must avoid the cheap, entry-level reels with a more significant number of bearings. The greater the bearings, the lower quality the reel is.

Drag System

The drag system knob is the external part of the reel attached to the internal part, including washers or discs. These function inside the reel to avoid friction and enable the spool to slow down. The friction it produces makes the heat, and a premium quality reel makes it possible to deduce the heat and manage the functioning. Usually, composite or carbon fiber material makes the reel function. The carbon fiber material is always a good option for the appropriate working of the drag system.


The gears are the circular part of the reel that works smoothly to offer smoothness. The gears are available in different materials, including aluminum, brass, zinc, and stainless steel. These are must be chosen to see the more power to move freely and provides sturdiness to the angler. The thicker and stronger gears are suitable for capturing the bigger fish. The best material option is stainless steel, which is lower in price and excellent in functioning.

One cannot imagine fishing without a spinning reel; a reel is essential for fishing. The reels were invented a long time ago but got famous in this era. The reel has several parts that work together to make the functioning better. If any parts stop working, there will be no appropriate functioning.

The reel has external and internal parts that make the long-lasting functioning. If these do not care for properly, the reel could malfunction. So, proper cleaning is an essential factor for maintaining the reel.


The internal part is invisible, but a customer must consider those parts too before buying. Having a full-fledged knowledge regarding the reels makes it worth mentioning purchase. This blog is for the newbies to invest appropriately and have a worthy investment for an incredible fishing experience.