Why is a Baitcaster Better than a Spinning Reel?

Written by Chris Alan

As there are various types of fishing, the equipment used to catch the fish also varies and is available in different styles, sizes, and qualities. The reels are readily available to meet the need of the people, and choosing one out of many is something challenging to work on. The baitcasting and spinning reels are available to choose among the best ones. The features that both reels adopt are little it match the functioning of each other.

It is compulsory to have complete knowledge regarding the products to choose the best one for a better fishing journey. The reels have various factors on which the anglers usually determine and allow themselves to have a great product that could function for a long time and offers reliability and durability.

Undoubtedly, choosing a reel depends upon the pros and cons of those reels. So, searching for the benefits and drawbacks is an essential factor that is a must to know before having a product of your choice. Here we will discuss the elements that make the baitcasting reel better than the spinning reel. 

  • Both the reels have a difference in the spool. The baitcasting reel has an unfixed spool that rotates as the reel casts. The spool makes the reel cast over long distances and makes castability convenient by offering a braking mechanism and allowing the reel to slow down when the lure hits the water. In opposition, the spinning reel has a fixed spool that stays in its place during casting.

  • The baitcasting reel offers accurate casting as it casts at the place where the angler desire and makes the fishing easy. On the other hand, the spinning is less accurate and is suitable for beginners, who are supposed to learn the functioning of the reel. It makes the reel provide untangled lines, and maintenance becomes easy.

  • The professional anglers choose the baitcasting reel; because learning the functioning of the reel is a little bit tough for beginners; however, the results are astonishing. The spinning reel is easy to understand, so the beginners feel convenient using it for casting.

  • The baitcasting reel adjusts at the upper side of the rod that males the line guides to pass in the upward direction. However, the spinning reel adjusts at the lower side of the reel, making the line guides pass from the lower end. When the line has a larger fish, the rod bends on the lower side, which would affect the guides and the spinning reel; on the other hand, the baitcasting reel is not involved in the same situation because having the reel on the upper side of the rod.

  • The baitcasting reel easily handles the large fish, lures, and heavy lines. However, the spinning is for the small fish, ultralight lures, and light lines.

  • The baitcasting reels usually experience backlashes. In comparison, the spinning reels do not face the backlashes that make it easy for newbies.

  • Sometimes, the line tangles in the baitcasting reel but does not twist. On the other hand, the spinning reel does not have an issue with line tangling, but the line twists.

  • The baitcasting is complex, so its maintenance and usage are also not easy for beginners. The spinning reel is easy to use and provides excellent maintenance to the anglers new to the fishing.

  • The baitcasting reel has an extremely high gear ratio that speeds up the functioning of the reel. At the same time, the spinning reel has a low gear ratio that makes it easy for learners to capture the fish.

  • The baitcasting reels are durable that provide long-lasting comfort to the anglers. However, the spinning reels are less durable that usually worn out and enable the user to have a new one.

  • The baitcasting reel has a high line capacity that allows the spool to keep a large line and makes it possible to cast over long distances and cast deep under the water; it also maintains the overall functioning of the reel. In opposition, the spinning reel has a less line capacity which does not allow it to cast over long distances and even deep into the water.

  • The baitcasting does not offer several functions at once; it is less versatile. However, the spinning reel provides numerous features simultaneously; it is versatile and makes the fishing convenient for the anglers.

  • The baitcasting reels are expensive and not easy to buy for any angler with low-budget. However, the spinning reels are affordable and available on every budget, suitable for anglers to purchase and have a great fishing experience.

  • The baitcasting reels are challenging to orient left or right. On the other hand, the spinning reels have the feature of swapping the left or right side according to the angler’s need.

  • The baitcasting reel provides more dragging power that could easily capture the heavy fish. However, the spinning reel offers less dragging power, which makes it unable to catch the heavy fish, and it is primarily for any small fish specie.


There are several advantages of the baitcasting reel over the spinning reel. The baitcasting reel is only suitable if the angler knows its using procedure well; otherwise, it is a complete mess that creates complications in different scenarios. The baitcasting reel has some downsides, too, that are mentioned above to let you know about it completely, without making the people fool by just showing them the positive sides. However, the reel has cons that could easily manage if the angler is aware of the usage; otherwise, the reel would be complex.

Some people choose the baitcasting reel just because of considering it the better option for their fishing trip, but they must determine that the proper handling of the reel is the first thing that is required for the best performance of the baitcasting reel. The choice of the reel depends upon the particular needs of the customer.

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