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Top Comparison of Pellet Smoker vs Electric Smoker

Written by Chris Alan

Are you trying to compare a pellet Pellet Smoker vs Electric Smoker?

Many consider a weekend with sunlight and plenty of smoked meat and beverages to enjoy perfectly. As smokers have become more portable and available, such weekends have become even more prevalent. However, which smoker should you choose between the pellet and electric models?

Both electric and pellet smokers need the energy to operate. The smoking source, however, is the main distinction between them. A pellet smoker employs wood pellets to smoke food, imparting a stronger smoky taste than an electric smoker that cooks meat using a hot rod or plate.

The content will fully discuss the fundamental distinctions between an electric and a pellet smoker. Continue reading as we go over the pros and cons of each to assist you in deciding which electric or pellet smoker is ideal for you.

Pellet Smoker

A device that burns wood pellets is referred to as a pellet smoker or pellet grill. They are a popular choice since they prepare food by utilizing natural wood byproducts. 

Electric Smoker

The portable automatic barbeque machine category also includes electric smokers. Instead of using a natural wood fire to cook meals, the models use heat from a heating element. 

Differentiating Between Pellet and Electric Smokers

The two best options for outdoor cooking are pellets and electric smokers. One model might be a better fit for your needs than the others; however, they each employ various cooking techniques. Here are many important factors that need to be taken into account.

Flavor and Texture

The flavor of cooked meat is the first thing you analyze while deciding between the two products. It is more potent to smoke meat with a pellet smoker because wood produces more smoke than heat sources. 

With an electric smoker, you must add wood chips or pellets to the smoker’s base to impart a smoky flavor to your meal, although this only yields a very little wood flavor. 

Additionally, electric smokers emit relatively dry heat, which is another distinction between them. The risk of drying out the food is lower with pellets because they have a small amount of moisture (about 5-10%).

Cooking Capacity

Many pellet smokers can grill and even sear meat at higher temperatures while slow cooking food at lower temperatures. This pairing is practical because it eliminates the need for your kitchen grill for quick meat preparation. Pellet smokers often employ a horizontal rather than a vertical construction and have a sizable cooking surface, though this can make the smoker fairly large.

High cooking temperatures are possible with an Pellet Smoker vs Electric Smoker, but grilling heat is not possible. However, with an electric smoker, the configuration is vertical; thus, different grills are stacked on top of each other. You can smoke a large amount of meat at once.

Ease of use

Both smokers offer the utmost in outdoor cooking ease. Despite their sophisticated appearance, pellet smokers are simple to use. Without your assistance, an automatic auger in a pellet smoker feeds the pellets and keeps the cooking chamber at the desired temperature. After inserting the meat, all you need to do is set the desired temperature; after that, the machine will begin to work automatically without any further input from you.

The electric smoker makes cleanup much simpler and quicker. However, the pellet smoker produces a lot of ash that needs to be cleaned away after each usage.

Product Affordability

Typically, the price of a pellet grill is more than an electric smoker. But with some models costing in the $600 range, high-end electric smokers are priced similarly to entry-level pellet smokers.

A decent electric smoker costs between $200 and $300, so it’s an affordable option if you’re just getting into BBQ. You should budget $500–$1000 for a pellet smoker that will work for most backyard uses.



In general, an Electric Smoker vs Pellet Smoker costs less to operate. You need to add 85-170 g of wood for a session because the device uses electricity as its heat source.

The overall cost of pellet smokers is higher because the machine requires a lot of pellets to maintain the fire. For every hour of pellets, you should budget $1. So, if you need to smoke for 10 hours, plan to spend at least $10 on pellets. If you grill more frequently than simply occasionally, the expenses mount.

Smoking Time

Pellet Smoker vs Electric Smoker have fairly extended operating times. When compared to a pellet smoker, an electric smoker merely requires that you keep it connected to a power source.

An electric smoker can provide smoking for 2 to 6 hours. However, a pellet smoker can typically provide smoking for up to 10 hours without replenishing. Simply fill up the hopper as it gets close to being empty to keep the device from shutting off if you want your smoking session to go longer.

Temperature range

Electric smokers are substantially less adaptable than pellet grills since they have a smaller temperature range. Many versions have a maximum temperature of 450°F, and more expensive models can go even higher.

On most types, cooking over direct heat may not be as effective, but pellet grills still allow for effective grilling. Even some manufacturers made it simple to get to the firepot for searing with direct heat.

Electric smokers are made specifically to smoke food slowly. You’ll require additional equipment if you wish to grill hot dogs or hamburgers.

Pellet Smoker Pros and Cons


  • It’s simple to use.

  • When properly insulated, it can function in any environment.

  • It gives smoked meals a true, intense wood flavor.

  • Some pellet smokers can also grill, making them adaptable.

  • It is quite effective.


  • Generally, it is more expensive than electric and charcoal smokers.

  • Compared to vertical electric smokers, its cooking area is modest.

  • For wood pellets, you need to set aside more money.

Electric Smoker Pros and Cons


  • Electric smokers are excellent for smoking both inside and outside.

  • They are well insulated and can function in extremely cold environments.

  • The majority of mid-range models are fairly reasonably priced.

  • The amount of cooking space is substantial.

  • Compared to other kinds of smokers, the design ensures simpler cleanup.

  • Since they are little, they won’t take up much room.


  • They require a constant connection to a power source to function.

  • They can’t have a grilling feature.

  • Despite having excellent flavor, the food falls short of pellet smoker norms.

  • A tendency to dry out food

Wrapping up

Electric and pellet smokers are both top-notch goods in and of themselves. Electric smokers are the preferable choice if you want small, inexpensive smokers. A pellet grill will offer better value for your money if you’re looking for one of these since you want the ideal wood taste.

Electric and pellet smokers are both effective and simple to operate. You can cook meat to your favorite taste because you have precise control over the temperature. You can select from various flavored pellets to get your preferred flavor among the mouthwatering smoky flavors. 

The last thing you must do after a filling meal is spend time cleaning your cooker; fortunately, neither of these smokers makes much of a mess and is challenging to clean. A pellet or an electric smoker offers the ideal compromise between practicality, flavor, and cost.

Most Frequently Asked Questions related to Pellet Smoker vs Electric Smoker 

Q1. What is the main contrast between an electric smoker and a pellet smoker?

The fuel source is the primary distinction. Electric smokers rely on electricity to provide heat, whereas pellet smokers use wood pellets for taste and heat.

Q2. Comparing pellet and electric smokers, which is more adaptable?

Considering that you may more precisely regulate the temperature and try out various wood tastes, pellet smokers are sometimes thought to be more adaptable.

Q3. How much does a pellet smoker cost as compared to an electric smoker?

In general, the initial cost of pellet smokers is higher than that of electric smokers. On the other hand, depending on local pellet and power prices, running expenses may differ.

Q4. Which is better for smoking meats for extended periods of time or slow cooking?

Both varieties are appropriate for slow cooking; however, some contend that pellet smokers offer a more realistic smoke taste when cooking for longer periods of time.


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